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Handwriting advice

It's been a long time since I first learned Arabic, and I have forgotten how to form the letters by hand, so find myself painstakingly copying printed words as I learn them anew. Does anybody know of a good way to learn how people actually write?

July 28, 2019



The way I learnt was repeat, repeat, repeat until I got the letter perfect.


Well yes, but there are some letters that look differently when written by hand (for example ج in the middle of a word), so a resource for that would be useful.


I found this YouTube Channel, Arabic Khatawaat, that has a series on writing letters.


It should help if you're completely new and unsure of how to write them


I agree with RuwaydaAtH. I started learning Arabic in university, so I was on the time crunch to learn the script because of the grades, and I found repetition was the best thing. I literally wrote a few full lines for each letter in all of its four forms. Tedious, but was effective for me.

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