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"هَل تَعْرِفين كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد يا جودي؟"

Translation:Do you know all the numbers, Judy?

July 28, 2019



I really think أرقام might be a better translation for 'numbers'

أعداد means 'countable amounts'


Is there a good reason we don't accept "every number"?


Here کُلّ is the object of the sentence and it should be منصوب meaning it should be written this way هل تَعرِفینَ کُلَّ الْأَعْداد


I also answer correctly My answer is Do you know all the members, Judy


My answer is correct Write why you tooky answer wrong Explain I have no teacher yoh are my teacher and you must explain it to me i also answeted correct My answer is

Do you know all the numbers Judy ?

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