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Looking for Modern Arabic music?

I'm looking for some music in Arabic, to listen to. (motivation and to see how much I like Arabic) I tried google and google translate and youtube and couldn't really find anything. There was a lot of English music with Arabic titles. I think I found 1 song that was modern and Arabic, and that had singing in it. I used phrases like music and modern music translated to Arabic and tried to search in google and youtube. I also looked for "Egypt Music" and didn't get what I was looking for.

July 28, 2019



Examples of music I usually listen to (Arab Indie):

(And if you can appreciate some Icelandic shouting, this (Palestinian+Icelandic) won't disappoint you - this music style isn't everyone's cup of tea and maybe a little too intense for most people, but definitely modern)

Examples of songs my mom listens to (Arab pop):

And old but gold:

Ask me if you need more! :)


Thanks so much! Will check these out :)


Humood alkhudher - "La nahtajul mala" + "Kun Anta"


"Sharmoofers" are one of my favorite Arab hip-hop artists, and Khaled is a French-Arabic speaking artist from Tunisia that has some pretty addictive songs (C'est la vie).

And as always, Fayrouz and Um Kolthoum are the 2 classic musical titans of the Arab world.

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I listen mostly to classics. As a beginning, you might like this short one:


It's an Andalusian folk, performed by Sabah Fakhri, a Syrian tenor.


Had some good Arabic friends in high school and grew to love Arabic music. Still do! Listen to some Arabic pop music: Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Amr Diab, etc.


Look up Nancy Ajram. She's like the MJ of the Middle East!


Hi! I myself also look for Arabic music to help understand words better and I really recommend going through playlists on Spotify! One playlist I really enjoy for example is "Arab indie" (by Spotify itself) Found like that a couple songs I really liked! For example: sharmoofers - khalas hasaytar bachar mar khalife - lemon Mashrou leila - fasateen (And more of course ;) )

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