I am so glad that Duolingo finally has Arabic. I am starting with the alphabet and it is super hard yet super fun to learn. Thanks Duolingo!

July 28, 2019


Arabic is a great language!

will more levels I Arabic be added? I have completed the course

I think further levels will be added; the course is much too short, compared to the other languages.

The course is in Beta. I think the team is gaining experience how the different parts work, and on that basis, they will add further modules later.

Happy learning! :-)

Arabic is very easy if you want to learn from your heart, try not to back down and I can help you learn if you want to, so I'm Arabic and I was in France and so I want to master my mother tongue very well.

Thank you for the support. I've learned that France has a strong Algerian population from my graduate research on immigration in France.

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