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"He is weird and he is your husband, Lama."

Translation:هُوَّ غَريب وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا لَمى.

July 28, 2019



ما هذه الأسماء التي تكتبوها اسماء صعبة على العرب انفسهم وغير مشهورة مثل غريب و لمي ما هذه الأسماء انا لم اسمع بها من قبل حتي نطقها غير صحيح فكيف سيتعلم منها الشخص الأعجمي


... وَهُوَ زَوْجُكِ...


Sorry, could someone tell me if هو always has a shadda? I seem to remember someone saying it doesn't.


Many native Arabic speakers from different dialects are also wondering the same, why it is هُوَّ - huwwa. Just guessing, it is another dialect which is unknown by them.


There is no word for husband here.. I had to choose between son and a dog.. please rectify

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