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Why is Duolingo working so hard to make itself worse?

I suppose that there have been such discussions in the past already, but i kinda would like the Duolingo staff to see this, cause i can't be the only one that is confused and disappointed about the recent changes in the website. First we lose the ability to keep the circles golden ,which made it much easier to keep up with the language study and now the design of the website has become completely childish and uninteresting. You can't even see which level you are in anymore, nor you can see how much XP you need to reach the next one. I wonder what is the point of all these changes if is just about making the website more boring and less appealing. Please Duolingo, make it fun, interesting and visually appealing again! There is no reason to keep bringing yourself down like this anymore. It is very unusual for me to post something like this, but right now i am very confused and wondering if there are nicer websites to study languages in. I have been on this website over 4 years and it has given me so much ,thus i will be always grateful to Duolingo, but i was hoping that the website would get more interesting and even more appealing and fun over the time, which hasn't been the case. What do you think?

July 28, 2019



I think its only a matter of time they change it again and add hearts to the PC version, if they continue down this path of money-grabbing from free users that might not be to afford plus I will have to cancel my plus out of personal morals and I hope other plus members will do the same to send a message to Duolingo the only way they will listen and that is reducing their profit margin.

If Duolingo is really listening to the community they should revert the changes and just improve the courses otherwise I see the community disappearing.


My recent post at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33353011 discusses the Health system specifically.

If you (plural) have one, please remember to consider canceling your Plus subscription. Use an ad blocker on Duolingo's website.


I would never subscribe to Plus if Health is introduced nor continue to use the app on my phone, don't want to support a system that punishes people for making mistakes.


I'm not a fan of the hearts, I have to say, but Duolingo offers the user a free service that is paid for by advertising. Using an ad blocker just isn't right here - if you don't want to pay then allow the ads through. The service is valuable. No advertising equals no service.


I remember before it had ads and there was no plus. It wasjust free without ads


How do you suppose the developers supported themselves?


They used a system where users helped to translate documents that were bought from Duolingo by third parties.


Immersion turned out not to be cost-effective. I think initial funding (or some of it) was from Luis von Ahn's MacArthur Grant.


duolingo now gives ads, and you have to pay for them to go. it is so annoying. and i loved clubs. now they are replaced with leaderboars, which arent close to as fun.


Yeah, I miss those days...


I like the hearts and the timed lessons, and the jump levelups. I use a mix of the techniques. But "free service paid by advertizing" is pedestrian and mundane, debasing. It shows a lack of inventiveness.

For example Duolingo could incorporate ad text and linkable image(s) in the lessons themselves.


I like Duo and I would have tolerated curated ads, but they went the route of using a system they have little control over (and it's a misconception that all ads are based on your browsing history). Using an ad blocker is appropriate on any website where security could be compromised by said ads. We are not beholden to keep a service afloat because of poor business decisions made by the service, no matter how much value the service previously provided.


I agree, and if they wanted people to pay...why not at least add more content worth paying for? Microtransactions are never ideal, but if it was a small amount for a decent number of more challenging new stories, for example, would still offer more value and support for learning than the current system.


Exactly! Make up something that you actually want to pay for, but at the moment the website is getting just worse without me even paying.


For example, a unit on swearing in the chosen language. I'd pay for that!


wow, that's actually a brilliant idea, that's probably the one thing i actually WOULD pay for since pretty much everything else is included in the course. Duolingo lesson-producers, please take note!


Ha, that'd vary a lot by language! Have you seen French swearing? My prior language was Japanese, so it came as something of a shock after a language where using different versions of 'you' can have all the force of a swear word. Even them Canadians... ; )


I hope you don't cancel your plus. I'm not a fan of the hearts, but duolingo has so much to offer even with the ads and updates. It is a growing app that needs more funding to feature more valuable languages. I haven't come across many language learning services as affordable as duolingo


HEARTS?!?! What has duolingo done to the mobile?


Oh no, the hearts are ancient history. :) I remember them from the browser version from when I first started in 2012.


I shall certainly be joining you. Duolingo went from fantastic but not without some problems and a lot of my support to a shocking rip off.


I cancelled my [plus] so forcefully that it is like I never had [plus]!! (Maybe that is because I never had [plus]!)...


Maybe a Jojo's Great Adventure reference?


brah wat u men brah


You can get free plus for a week if you get a friend to join via your share link.



Premium Since: 2017-10-09

this post was serious i did not just get 1 week free and i hope other plus users will do the same if they do change it


I sign up for plus every once in a while, just so as not to feel like a choosing beggar (phrase from reddit). But I only keep it a month or two. If Duo had been growing more postively in UX and intellectual depth of lessons -- like keeping IMMERSION -- I would be far more likely to pay more months.


I wouldn't recommend ever subscribing to Duolingo Plus if you don't like what they do. You should use an ad blocker instead.


I would pay for plus if it meant getting more additional vocab like swearing or something lol


Well I have on my profile a thing that says that, mind you. I do not believe it so I don't ask people to join. But nevertheless if it did work, I still wouldn't dare.


I agree. Without my personal web pages in Duome, I would have quit Duolingo.

You can still see your XP level in
and the "skill decay" in


This is amazing! i didn't even know about this part of the website! Thank you very much! :)


Fortunately, duome.eu is not part of Duolingo!
Please, read about this wonderful website in


They (or someone else) should make a clone of open source alternative to Duolingo.


99% sure that would be illegal lol


It's not illegal if they don't call it duolingo, use duo as their icon, etc ...


I pretty much just meant a language learning service that people can edit easily.


A Duolingo like Khan Academy style, no adds and total free. It's sounds great to me!


Yes, Duome is amazing! I stopped using Duolingo in 2017, but, after discovering Duome yesterday, I'm giving Duolingo another chance and I'm liking it again :)

EDIT: Sorry for being off topic, but it appears my flags and streak are not updating next to my username anymore. Does anybody know how to fix this?

EDIT 2: Looking like it's working again :)


it takes time for it to update, give it a day


Ah OK, thank you :) Back when I last used Duolingo it was pretty much instant, guess I'll just have to learn to be patient :P


i agree with you about the flags, they are still not changing after all this time? I just got really into the Norwegian language, but still can see the Norwegian flag next to my picture :D


Yes, it is a bit odd. I can see on your Duome that you are level 7 in Norwegian, but I can't see it next to your profile? I now have Level 5 Indonesian and a 3 day streak, but I can't see these next to my name either.


How can I search my profile?


You welcome! :)


What exactly do you have to do?


You can replace "mimisdam" in the URL "https://www.duome.eu/mimisdam" with any username. So your page is at https://www.duome.eu/Zee434468 and mine is at https://www.duome.eu/Polymatter and Lor-el's page is at https://www.duome.eu/lor-el etc.


Thank you pentaan! I had no idea this existed, and I must have spend close to an hour playing around with it now and stalking all my friends. ;D And a big thankyou to the people behind Duome too, just in case there are any here to read this. <3<3<3


Yesterday I celebrated my 2000 day streak. yea me! I couldn't agree with you more. Indeed, thank you for your post as it says exactly what I've been thinking.
For some unfathomable reason adulting on duolingo has been banished. It's troublesome and sad.


What is adulting? Is it talking about a lot of mature stuff that kids would not be able to see?


How I take it:

It's removing any mature influence and targeting kids as much as possible. Stripping forums of every basic feature that is on every single other forum, adding more gamification, adding "gems" (a currency kids are familiar with from other mobile games such as Clash of Clans). It's all geared toward children because that's where they will get money.

And some poeple here are foolish enough to believe that Duo has their best interest at heart because it is "free" (which is, ironically, an incredibly most childish viewpoint).


"Adulting" refers to doing adult work. It usually refers to tedious things like doing ones taxes and setting up new bank accounts and the overtones are generally a bit negative.


I think there should be an adult version of duo and a kids version. That would satisfy most people, I believe.


I only joined a year ago so I’ve always had the Crown system and I personally like it. I think Crowns is a better indicator of ability than levels but the problem with it is each language has a different level of crowns that are achievable so it would be helpful to know how many crowns have been achieved out of total crowns in the course. However I have noticed there is a huge difference between the user experience in my Spanish course verse my Japanese course. Without question studying Japanese is far more pleasant and enjoyable experience as it is not infected by the health system which is a poor attempt of gamification. I am fortunate that I already have a background in Spanish and my use of the course is just to brush up my skills. I cannot imagine trying to learn from scratch and being penalized for mistakes. Making mistakes is a necessary part of learning and I would have abandoned this platform if I was forced to endure that nonsense trying to learn Japanese. Plus membership doesn’t offer enough additional features to sway me but I don’t mind ads as I appreciate that I am being given the opportunity to learn for free and fully understand there is a cost to running this site. I don’t even mind the visual design changes except for the unnecessary owl animations but even that is minor. If it’s an attempt to appeal to kids that’s ok with me too. I may be an adult but if Duo remains a good tool for learning personal visual preferences are not going to stand in my way for learning.


While the site now looks visually very unappealing, I have to agree that this shouldn't keep us from using the site. The problem people have with the crown system versus the old one is not so much about the levels, but about the fact that in the olden days skills used to "decay" after a time, which meant that you had to practice said skill in order to turn it golden again. It's a system called "spaced repetition" or something and it meant that you would repeat lessons at some point in order to strengthen your knowledge of them. It was a better system, as a matter of fact, and they should bring that back. Or just give us the option to choose one or the other.

Honestly though, if people are this upset they should just clone duo and build their own free website for adults. But I've yet to find a better alternative. Memrise has too many mistakes and no way of reporting them, and I also don't really like it all that much. Bubble isn't free. If it were, I would be gone.


Yes, but it would be nice if they (the blinding white and animations) could be turned off... Why not? It would be one of the easiest things to add! Just a few variables and a couple of if statements, but I am getting off topic.

Edit: But even if they don't do this (something that is very likely), that should not stop us from learning... Even if it hurts your eyes.

Edit 2: Really, my eyes hurt! SO WHITE! I must type more text to break up the blaring whiteness.

Edit 3: Help me! I am turning into herobrine because all this white is getting in my eyes!

Edit 4: Maybe Duolingo created herobrine! He just wanted to learn some Chinese and he turned into herobrine! Oh no.

Edit 5: This is kinda a lot of edits, but your comment is pretty big, too.


Great, now I had to google herobrine. Obviously I play all the wrong video games. ;D


...but right now i am very confused and wondering if there are nicer websites to study languages in.

For language flashcards: https://www.memrise.com/home/ https://decks.memrise.com/home/

For language in context: https://www.clozemaster.com/ (Don't use this too much though)

For immersion (will need VPN): (French) https://www.france.tv/ https://www.tf1.fr/

(German) http://www.ard.de/home/ard/ARD_Startseite/21920/index.html

If you don't have a VPN, you can still immerse yourself in a language with YouTube, but you'll have to change the language. For Esperanto learners, you can find all Esperanto-language videos at Tubaro: https://tubaro.aperu.net/

Hope this helps!


For languages that have countries (so not Esperanto), you can also use a URL like youtube.fr for France, for example. This causes video suggestions to be in French (or the language of whatever other country you select).


For anyone who tries this, make sure you're signed out first.

Also, this doesn't seem to work for every language.
Youtube.no is all in English, for example.


Might want to edit your icon to look more like the gold blob that we see now. Also, no scarfs... WHY?!?!?


The scarfs being gone is the only thing that really annoys me.


I have a bit of suspicion that Duolingo is trying to appeal more to language teachers and school students. I know that many language teachers expect their students to work on Duolingo as part of their school curriculum. If Duolingo plans to sell ad-free subscriptions to schools (cha-ching!) it would make sense that they would eliminate things like messaging between users and it would explain the more kid-friendly appearance of the site. It's just a guess on my part.


makes sense! :)


It's all about money for Duolingo now. They make it seem free but they make a lot of money. The changes to XP and leaderboards obviously pushes people to significantly spend more time on Duo (due to competition, beat the others etc) and get exposed to significantly more advertisements. All their changes are around that. They want to see what would make you stay longer and get exposed to more advertisements rather than what would make you learn the languages more efficiently because that just won't be as rewarding to them as the first option.


Maybe have two different versions, one for kids and one for adults. For instance, when you sign up you're required to fill in your birthday. And if it's below 16 then you'll get Duolingo Kids with this current simplistic format.


I mean, that's what YouTube did. this isn't a bad idea, but probably requires a bit more resource-wise than Duolingo would be willing to concentrate on that. Especially since many kids are using the web version. but I agree, some kind of age restricting should be implemented.


I dunno, I really like your idea, but young learners who are serious about their language could get frustrated with the kiddie system eventually.


I think the problem is that originally they wanted to be a for profit free learning site. Over time this idea became less feasible and now their focus is more on making profit rather than effective learning and aiming at younger users is better for that. It may look to us like they are losing users but I think the numbers work out for them, and that what they are focusing on rather than keeping everybody happy.

Skill decay reminded us to practice regularly, levels helped us compete with ourselves and view our progress and for me testing out was not an easy way to get ahead but rather helped me remember the language without hints and avoided tedious repetition. Timed practice is still there but I suspect it is on its way out as it is an easy way to gain points quickly. We are discouraged from competing with ourselves and encouraged to get ahead in scoreboards which I think is ineffective for learning.

Another problem is the way the site is now is more likely to make people think completing a tree once will make them fluent then leave disappointed thinking it doesn't work or they can't learn

I am still here because it still has some use but the truth is as soon as a more effective site comes along I will go.


Anyone who would like to make an alternative to Duolingo could take my idea for easy course creation into consideration: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33365542


I've been here for three years, and while i still find Duo very useful, I'm fed up with the constant changes. I'm not talking about changes where the site improves, I'm talking about move the cheese here, move it there kind of changes, like the leagues, and the clubs, and the XP and the levels and the crowns and the current blinding site redesign, and changes to the trees that lockout mods and contributors that have put years of volunteer work into a semi open-source model.

I understand that sites and services need to change and evolve, but it feels like Duo just throws crap at the wall to see what sticks


That seems to be a trend wherever IT and marketing are closely related. There are a few ways to figure it out. To either get a job in marketing or to sit down in a pub behind a few pints with a lad that works in related areas (not necessarily a Duolingo employee, of course).

  • 1297

Hi Namejs,

Good topic – although it is a very frequent one.

PROS that we can have:

  • DuoLingo Stories

  • DuoLingo Pods

  • DuoLingo Events

What we already lost:

  • Visual and audio recognition whenever we achieve a new level

  • Make direct contact with DuoLingo Users

  • Immersion to practice our translation skills

  • Option to repeat individual lessons

  • Option to see our current levels – we can see only the XP

  • The professional visual appearance goes to childish visual appearance

  • Good photos have been changed – icons are existing

  • The new white background is killing our eyes

There were so many comments and feedback on an intelligent way - it seems, DuoLingo has its own strategy and the users - using the software for free - just need to accept and make the decision: Leave Duo or stay - even the direction of improvements are not always benefitial for the mature generations.




If they added hearts to PC, I am finding somewhere else to learn.


Duolingo used to be all about helping everyone and now they only want money. I wonder if they got a new manager.


They also got rid of Immersion, which they made money from. I wonder why they would do that. Is Health a replacement for Immersion?


Immersion had only a couple of customers and, as I understand it, brought in not much money, especially relative to the amount of work it took to deal with it. Most of the articles were uploaded by users, rather than customers. Plus there were serious legal issues (concerning copyright and the use of unpaid volunteers by profit-making companies) with the immersion model.


Von Ahn [CEO and founder] said Duolingo is preparing for an IPO by 2020. “I’m a little scared about that just because I think there’s a lot of crap that I don’t particularly want to do that I’m going to have to do,” he said.


They make education free, so how do you think they will cover service fees?

They use advertising to make money and leave learning free.


duolingo have already almost made a billion dollars they are not tight on money


Being "valued at $700 million" is not the same thing as having made $700 million. More than $100 million of that value appears to be investment money: https://www.inc.com/leigh-buchanan/duolingo-700-million-language-learning-startup-pittsburgh-2018-surge-cities.html. The investors presumably expect to get that money back and then some.


Yeah, that’s what I was going to say.


Where did you get that figure? I thought duolingo didn’t release things like revenue.


Duolingo needs to see all these posts.


I could put up with all of it, if they would just bring the old Duo back. And the old trophies. The only semi-logical reason that I can imagine for the childish appearance of the icons is to facilitate the groovy animations that entertain me now. Whee! Or maybe someone thinks that the new pictures will make the site more appealing to children. And if so, anyone over 6 would find them childish, anyway.


We should at least be thankful, it’s free and uses pop-up ads, rather than 30 second non-skippable ads.


My only problem is Duo's ignorance toward Farsi/ Persian language speakers. they should run Persian Incubator in order for us to contribute. I have applied myself and also invited some of my friend to apply to the contribution... Their recommendation was to wait until they think it's the right time to run the incubator! I dont get it...High Valyrian is here but not Persian


do they have this language available to everyone?


I agree. I've been using Duolingo for a while now and have enjoyed it but recently they've made some bewildering changes. Like making the graphics for streaks worse on mobile as well as changing lingots to gems for no apparent reason and then charging you gems to test out of skills you've already mastered. I can't understand why they're putting time in to these things that they're only making worse rather than focusing on improving the content in the lessons. Especially for languages other than French or Spanish, the less commonly learnt ones.


I like the changes (the only exception being the leagues).

Edit: Wow, 22 downvotes within 3 hours!

I thought

What do you think?

was an invitation to write what we think. But it seems I was mistaken. :-)


really? even the new design everything becoming white with rectangular shapes and no creativity? I remember when you were adding a course each language was represented with a nice looking flag and a picture that represents the country. Now it is just white with a rectangular shape flag. If they are going this way they might as well take the flags away and replace it with written format.


Visual appeal is a matter of personal opinion. Although I preferred the pervious visuals the new ones are also very good and the designers who created them should be proud to place them in their portfolio.


Oh, I don't pay a lot of attention to design, as long as it is clear.

And for me, clarity has improved: I have several courses with different source languages (French from Spanish, Italian from French etc). In former times, I had to switch my language settings to see these courses.

Now they are all displayed, wherever I am - with the target language in the larger icon and the source language as a smaller icon in that icon's corner.

A huge improvement! Really cool. :-)


You could do exactly that before they purged their site design


No. I had to change my language settings (i. e., change "I speak" from "English" to "French" or whatever source language I wanted to visit).

Now I don't have to do this - I see all my language constellations right there.


On the app maybe. On the website, I've been able to see all languages, regardless of interface language, for years.


The font is considerably less clear than before. It may be the sort that appeals to younger users, but users who have vision problems or similar issues have already stated how it makes learning harder.


This has nothing to do with design but with usability. And yes, this is an improvement.


Okay even if you don't like them then why downvote someone who does? Seriously don't be rude folks.


I agree, kohoutseks! Surely in this day in age we have the freedom to express our beliefs more than ever?

I realise I'm probably going to get lots of downvotes...


Lingot for you and an upvote. It's not about freedom of expression, it's about a lack common courtesy and a lack of common sense, both of which are sorely lacking on these boards.


RicoT, thank you for your support!

b05aplmun.ca I agree, however it is, by now, widely known that many spammers just downvote without reading.

LICA98, I said that I would 'probably get lots of downvotes', I certainly wasn't asking for them. :)


Um, could I just point out that downvotes are also a form of expression of belief? You are free to express your beliefs, within the constraints imposed by the hosting website, but other people are free to disagree with you, within those same constraints.


You are free to write what you thin, and users are free to downvote it. That's how the internet works.


I actually really like the leagues because it makes me practice and learn more to stay in the league or even get promoted. I guess it just shows that improvements will not please everybody.


The format I think is easier for the digital gang, but yes it isn't as appealing. :( BUT! The learning itself is still up to key.


There have been a zillion discussions about this, and I'm sick of all the whining. No app can please EVERYONE. If you don't like it, go find another app. Yes, I realize that you have the right to your opinion, but, seriously, the endless whining by so many people is just bringing everyone down. As I said, no app will EVER please everyone. Some will like things like hearts, some will not. So it's not a case of Duolingo "working to make itself worse", because, DUH, they don't want to make themselves worse and alienate people. Sorry, but, DUH. It's just a case of some like the changes, some don't. Sounds like you don't, which is your right. If you don't like it, you don't like it. But why are you people who don't like it staying here, complaining and complaining and whining and complaining some more?? Why don't you just leave, and find an app that you do like? There's tons of apps out there, and I genuinely don't understand why you stay on an app you don't like, and spend your time complaining about it, instead of finding one you enjoy. On top of using your time in a negative and non-contrustuctive way, you guys are constantly clogging up the discussion form with this....there are SO MANY posts about it, and I wish people would take the few moments to comment on one of the many posts already started about it, instead of starting yet ANOTHER post about it, because, as I said, you're clogging up the forums. And the thing about clogging up the forums with this is that it's repetitive, and not at all constructive. You guys are complaining that the app is worse - yet you spend your time complaining, instead of learning. It just seems...odd to me, in the sense that if you're so interested in learning, why not focus on that, instead of on changes to the app? Why not make the best of it, and recognize that no app will please everyone? Why do you expect an app with a zillion download to cater to YOUR particular needs and desires? It seems really, really egocentric, to me. If Duo is really no longer your cup of tea, okay, that's understandable - so go and find your cup of tea.

[deactivated user]

    While I do empathize with you, all I have to say is one word: Paragraphs.


    When they start losing people and people stop paying the plus version then they will start but it will be too late.


    I agree with you and so do many other users.

    I wish there was an open source clone of Duolingo but with all of the unpleasant aspects removed and anyone able to start making a course without delay if they are qualified.

    Health is Duolingo's way to make money from people's mistakes.



    i think and i see that the new design is beautiful and comfortable more than the old design ...

    i think they are working hard to make it easier for us ..

    the is just my opinion


    It was always easy and comfortable, but now it is ugly ,easy and comfortable. It is just that the website used to look much more appealing, now it is just white and childlike.


    Is it really THAT bad, though? I really like this website. Of course, it could have some fun games on it to make learning more interesting, but this website is the most interactive I've encountered. Rosetta Stone is shook!


    I've only just noticed that they have taken the level away which is a shame.. in some ways I think that Duolingo is great because they do add new levels and the fact that the website is free is fantastic! That being said, I feel that more could be done to promote duolingo which can increase their income; -more fun (I previously used an app called mindsnacks for spanish) ; i paid £15 to them as they had a fun way of learning. -online chat (If they introduced some sort of online chat only available to members, this would make me want to pay more) - customisation,; the further you study, you should be able to customise more; this should be available to free and plus members.


    I agree that the recent changes have not been motivational. However, I am still amazed at how well the system works to learn a language.


    I'm using this platform since 2013 and let me tell you: Making itself worse is what Duolingo's been doing for a long time now. I know Health system in A/B testing even before stupid redundant crown system. Of course there are a lot of free-to-use self-study resources. in less variety of languages but IMO even more effective. No matter what we think or like, one thing has been proven to me over the times: Duolingo doesn't care about the users but for business. They are slowly turning this to a Pay-To-Learn app.


    A couple years ago I used duolingo and I have recently came back. I remember that it used to tell me my fluency. I miss that


    I've only been here for a short while, but I honestly prefer a lot of the new stuff. I find everything to be more enjoyable. Though note, I'm mostly a mobile user. The only change I want is more stuff on mobile (Stories, Forums, Dictionary, Words)


    I'm not up to date on the freemiumification issues, so I'll not comment on that, but I too am missing some of the more "competitive" old features. Also, I miss that I can't really see what my friends are doing, but that I am lumped with strangers in leagues instead. Yes, seeing levels and friends' streaks was nice, and I occasionally will go back and check on my WindowsPhone App (which understandably hasn't been update in forever :p) and check on which skills are on the downturn. I'd love for these features to return, and I agree that gamification is the most lovely motivation factor I could wish for.


    I think that honestly, the website it self is fine, i just wish that the mobile version had more freedom. Dont get me wrong, its an amazing app but i wish there was more then just lessons and have more freedom to it like the Stories and the Discuss tab's


    I've been using Memrise more lately, mainly because you don't have to download keyboards for that, they embed them in the lessons. If they can do that I don't know why Duo can't. Not everyone can download them.


    I've been with Duolingo for over five years and I miss the old way too, I wish it was like the time when we had the "Hearts." :(


    they still have the 'hearts', just not on the PC. they still have the 'hearts' on mobile! :)


    I agree with you. Before the “level” thing in topics, Duolingo was better than now with his appealing, lessons, lingots and “PLUS” spec. I agree with you that Duolingo is the most childish interface I have ever seen


    Also please go beyond level 25 if levels are to be used again. Also more than 20 points for leveling up.


    lingots are comically useless too haha


    I am also pretty disappointed with the new mobile app.


    Is the only way to see my level by commenting on discussions?


    That's what I was wondering. That's why I posted, hoping I could see my level that way. (It worked.)


    You can see your levels here: duome.eu/Aleezium


    Hover over the bolded categories on the right and it will give you additional info such as number of XP's needed to complete current level, percentage of lessons completed, etc. Scroll down the page to see your daily progress chart.


    How do I go about a user contacting me about inappropriate things?

    [deactivated user]

      I don't understand what you mean. My circles stay golden. They used to go down as you say back when I was doing Duo about a year ago. But now they've all stayed golden. You also can see your levels either by looking at your comment on a post or by going to "remove languages." The XP is on your profile. I think the website looks nice and crisp, although I wouldn't really care how it looks as long as I was able to learn languages like I can here.


      I don't think Duolingo is bad. I also think that your title of the post was a bit harsh/


      I think its only a matter of time they change it again and add hearts to the PC version, if they continue down this path of money-grabbing from free users that might not be to afford plus I will have to cancel my plus out of personal morals and I hope other plus members will do the same to send a message to Duolingo the only way they will listen and that is reducing their profit margin.

      If Duolingo is really listening to the community they should revert the changes and just improve the courses otherwise I see the community disappearing.


      On duolingo I would like to see Problem solving & Repairs Compliments & Insults at the hotel at the hospital at the post office at the bank recycling & saying no thanks to plastic


      I am of the opinion that the great thing duolingo could do to improve the website is expanding what we can purchase with lingots, that would make the site truly addicting, I think.


      It's LEARNING, not a test. Taking away hearts is as if your teacher would be introducing a new topic, but as soon as you made a mistae it brought down your grade. It's idiotic. We need to learn first, not always be worrying about getting every answer correct, and in a lot of peoples cases, cheating using google, which obviously isnt good for learning.


      There are many, many ways to learn a language on the web. I like duo, and I use it but if duo didn't exist, i would learn anyway.

      I remember of a free site which suddenly became paying. I don't go to the site anymore, and I don't do pub anymore for it. Totally forgotten as if it didn't have existed. Because it has become a question of money.

      By the use of the pupils, duo has an influence on them. Duo receive money for the pub on it. Ok. But looking too much for money kills money.

      This exact afternoon, as every wednesday afternoons, I gave a French course to migrants. Totally freely. I am a volunteer. Even more : I do 90 km for this and I pay the gasoline. So, in fact, it costs me something. But I do it. I have done it for three years now.

      I think that gift is a mark of humanity.

      Sorry for my English, I am French. Hope this make sense. Hope that duo knows that : in French, we say : le mieux est l'ennemi du bien. Better is the enemy of good. Looking only for money, and you loose money.


      Wow Yves, you rock!!! <3


      It is one thing to do a modest amount of volunteer work, which involves a modest amount of personal expense, and another to pay multiple employees, rent or pay mortgage on a workplace, furnish the workplace, pay for server space for multiple language courses and forums, supply ones employees with computers and other office supplies, etc. For an organization of any size, some attention needs to be paid to bringing in money. If your volunteer work is done under the auspices of a non-profit of any size, I can guarantee that they pay some attention to bringing in money, too.


      I (like almost every person getting tired of it) am on and off with duolingo and i guess this is why i barely get anywhere


      Sorry for this if it's been asked and answered many times before, but how do we see our levels now? I can see people's after their names when they post here, but I can't see mine on my profile. (Maybe I'll see it after I hit "post.")


      Im new here so I don't really have an opinion... but I'm kind of used to the website being like this now...


      how to check levels?


      Man, Duolingo hit a new level of heinous recently with the introduction of hearts. More specifically the loss of them for every mistake you make. Five hearts per day! You can’t learn a language by making five mistakes a day. You need to make loads, to try again and eventually to get there. (In Navajo for instance - there is absolutely no other way because the keyboard doesn’t even have Navajo letters and there is no legend anywhere of the keys that can represent them) add to this mistakes from auto type correction - especially ask award when working in multiple languages - a cup of thé anyone or a cup of the? Then there is the criminal imbalance if heart loss and gem gain. At 90 gems per heart I am haemorrhaging gems. In three years I accrued 10000. In two weeks I have lost 7000! No, Duo’s push to monetise their app will be successful in one thing: Pushing away its fan-base. Does anyone know if has been taken over by the evil love child of Nigel Farrage and Mark Zuckerberg?


      I agree with you. I prefer the older look that the website had. The only thing that I like about the new design is that a "stories" section has been added.


      Duolingo is free and you have plus that is you stupid


      It will repeat my litany of lament to the point herein: it's bad UX.


      Yeah dude duo made fire girl cry for saying "You may be getting it wrong but your learning." I just don't understand how she could cry over that


      maybe she is just sensitive not cry for sadness cry over the um.. "heartfullness" over it i guess

      [deactivated user]

        really agree you.


        I am afraid you will just have to put up with it, Duo really don't give a flying f*?k about what anyone else thinks.


        The title you chose for your message is absurd. What you see as "trying to make itself worse" may simply be DL's way of doing just the opposite -- trying to INCREASE its mass appeal. Remember above all, DL is a business.

        DL purports to have more than 200,000,000 registered users, and I have no doubt they would like that 200 million number to grow.

        When your existing customer base is that large, and you are trying to expand it even further (across cultures, nationalities, countries, languages, ages, etc.,) all with different values and priorities, you have to appeal to the masses, and not niches.

        In other words, in a huge market a company often seeks out the lowest common denominator and exploits the commonalities.

        It's basic marketing and basic product development. Admittedly, the downside is that for some niches in huge markets, the overall quality of the product may appear to suffer.


        Remember, too, this truism: if it is free, then you are the product. Marketing 101.


        For people who don't yet know this, that also means that the advertisers are the client.


        Wow, downvotes so quickly. I was actually trying to be supportive of DL. I suppose this isn't the thread for that.

        Seriously, is it such a hard concept for people to grasp that a company that is trying to appeal to more than 200 million human beings can't make everyone happy?

        As human beings, have we become that obtuse?


        Because it isn't, and the only one who doesn't seem to get that is you (and Linda, apparently). Because they aren't trying to make 200 million humans happy, they're trying to make advertisers happy and want 200 million users to make them money. I wish I could see the world through your innocent eyes where every company seems to have good intentions.


        Is it not possible that they are trying both? Make a good product and make money? To get the adverticers happy they need their users to be happy too, so more users start using it? That is best for their business, is it not?

        You can also add me to the list with RicoT and Linda..


        In a perfect world, all businesses would offer services that pleased the maximum number of users while still making money. However, it is easy for a business to decide that they would prefer to have a large number of users, albeit unsatisfied, rather than a smaller number of satisfied users.

        Basically, the way to get the most users is unfortunately not necessarily to give the best user experience (if this was so, the profit would be very small).


        It's not good or bad, it's simply plain good old fashioned slice of reality. If you are getting something for free someone else is paying. In this case the advertisers are paying for you to learn for free. So..... Thanks Advertisers !!

        And seriously..... the advertising isn't THAT distracting in the DuoLingo context. They have limited it to the right side of the screen in a single box....

        Have fun. Enjoy. Smell the roses. See the sunshine. :o)


        RicoT. A man after my own female heart.


        Grazie molto! Now it's time to get back to my lessons. This message board can turn into a huge distraction if one permits it. Cheers!


        Duo doesn't even have 1 million active users. thats fake advertisements


        They certainly have millions of users.


        how did you know that the number is fake ?

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