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  5. "زَيد لُبنانِيّ."

"زَيد لُبنانِيّ."

Translation:Zayd is Lebanese.

July 28, 2019



Zayd is Lebanese, Omani, Moroccan, Iraqi, Syrian, Tunisian and many more. Either this guy had quite a lot of parents or travels around a lot just to gain multiple citizenships.


This "guy" is just here as an example and to make you practice . Its just used to tell the learners that how to speak about the citizenship of a person.


But there are more than 190 names of countries...here only so few


I am learning my 10th language. Arabic is the far most difficult in its writing.

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One of the difficulties, specifically on the web, is the small font which seems to be an inherited problem by nature of design (font design that is).
When we were kids, I still remember the Arabic homework in schools, which was almost on a daily-basis. We were typically asked to write down a specific letter 10 times in columns, and then some words and so on. I have to say, my handwriting didn't get any better till I finished high school maybe when I got some interest in calligraphy (never practiced but I thought and still think that having a good handwriting is essential for character).
So, on the web, probably the only solution I'd give you is what other people here are doing, but zooming in whether in your browser or in the app if you are on a device. I heard also about an add-on for Chrome called Wudooh (وضوح, clarity in Arabic) which they say it enlarges the Arabic font specifically.
Outside the web, I'd advise with getting your hands on writing Arabic letters by repetition. Remember, your hand got a brain of itself.


You learn better with hand writing


Most challenging one


It is easy. But you need you need to practice daily


It doesn't look much like "Lebanese". What's the breakdown of the letters please?

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Hope this helps


You are so kind and patient, TJ. God bless you.


Lebanese is not "labanese" in arabic . Its labanonee or somewhat like this .


Why dont y'all add diacritics. We r lerning here. You must!


Duolingo has Arabic! By the way, I almost thought she said Lebanese oil lool


When I listen her pronounciation of "Lebanese" in Arabic, it seems there is a -ing sound at the end. Mispronouciation?

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It sounds OK with me here.

Or maybe you're speaking about the -iy ending because this is how it should sound in fact: zayd lubnániy. Most people (specifically in dialects) do drop the Y sound at the end nowadays so it would sound like lubnani instead.


Arabic is the most easiest language in all languages i love arabic this is my fourth language learning


I know that is lebanese but I tough the lebanon


Stop playing and أعطني رقمي تسعة


In Duolingo the medial script for "n" looks exactly like "dh". I showed my Moroccan friend the script and she says it should be in the center of the "U", not on the right.

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Not sure about the argument here but anyway N ن is typically connected from both sides, but ذ is connected only from the back.
When ن is in the middle of the word or the beginning, the dot placement is typically around the top of the Sinna (the sharp edge of its beginning).
This said, in calligraphy (as an art) the dots can be manipulated.


69Ghostfire, I don't think so. "dh" doesn't attach to the letter on its left, whereas "n" does. Also, "dh" is slightly taller.

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