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"كَيْف تَعُدّين مِن ٢ إِلى ٨ يا سامْية؟"

Translation:How do you count from 2 to 8, Samia?

July 28, 2019



For a course titled "1 to 10", I'm learning an awful lot about verbs in second person singular, as well as a new question word "how", but not so much about the pronunciation of the actual numbers themselves :(


Are there two different forms of "you count"?


Yes, for 2nd person, singular, present tense, there are different forms for masculine and feminine. Speaking to a male would be "تعد" but "تعدين" when speaking to a female.


We just need to add تَ in front of all verbs to form the 2nd person singular present or is it more complicated than that?


That is correct for the masculine form, but the feminine form needs the suffix "ين" too.


Curtis Dufour, that is not at all helpful, really just showing off that you know so much! What I need to know is whether we are actually going to be given a lesson on the verb endings for male & female, and why suddenly, extra endings on names are being pronounced differently. Also why are the new 'speakers' adding little sounds not seen on the written arabic words. A lesson on this would be appreciated too!


Why is the suffix for تعد here in such a different form for second person singular? It's usually a ك ending.


It's the verb conjugation for 2nd person, feminine, present tense. The other ending you reference is the 2nd person possessive, with different short vowels for masculine and feminine.

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