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"أُحِبّ اَلْسَّفَر إِلى أَلْمانْيا."

Translation:I like traveling to Germany.

July 28, 2019



"i like the travel to germany" not the same?


a bit different in logic I think.

The sentence above is about liking the activity itself (traveling), but your sentence sounds more like "liking the travel or the journey to Germany" and not the act of traveling and being in Germany itself.


right, but could this be the meaning the Arabic sentence too?


A bit. The travel in such sense and sentence, might be put in Arabic as الرحلة (also means the journey, the trip..etc)

The word السفر (as-safar) in Arabic is more related to the activity of traveling, rather than the travel or the journey itself.


A safari to Germany? Where are the lions and the elephants? At least I know now, what Safari means!


Well, the "Safari" trip which is usually done in Africa, is سفاري in Arabic. However, I think the "safari" is probably derived from the word for travel in Arabic سفر (safar). So, the word here in the sentence is not "safari" but "travel" (and it is safara because it is in accusative status so it ends in -a).

Bonus: to travel = سافر (sáfara).

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