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  5. "Un objeto grande"

"Un objeto grande"

Translation:A large object

June 12, 2014



The pronunciation on 'objeto' by the voice actress seems bad to me. It sounded very much like 'Oh-kay-tow'. Maybe that is how it is really pronounced? In any case I got it wrong.


I pronounce it "ob-heh-to". The voice is notorious for mispronouncing things.


I also thought that. Let's report.


¡¡¡Yo también!!!


SAME HERE! I couldn't understand what she said so I just took a guess. I tried using Spanish dictionary to guess what she was saying but nothing was coming up, so as a result I just clicked the button to move on. :/


did you get it right after you got it wrong? I need help.


It sounds like o-he-to to me


...en mi pantalón


I looked in the comments just to see if someone would say something like this xD


Quién, tu mamá? Oooohhhhh!


That is the worst pronunciation of objeto ever!!!


She pronounces it with the glottal flip that seems to be regional.


What is the glottal flip? I didn't hear a B in that pronunciation.


A "glottal" is a consonant that is pronounced in the back of the throat where the glottis is vibrated against the back of the tongue. Arabic and Hebrew have pretty heavy glottal consonants. Spanish speakers frequently use a light glottal touch -- what I called a "flip" -- with the aspirated "J/H" sound.

Sorry for the delayed answer -- I need to get back to Duo.


Is it flying and unidentified as well? ;)


Why wouldn't "a big thing" be correct?


objeto means object, a big thing would be una cosa grande.


The Spanish "uno cosa grande" might be translated to English as "a big thing", but that does not mean that "un objecto grande" could not be translated that way, too. I understand if we were asked to give a literal translation. But, Duolingo often accepts translations which would commonly be spoken in English to mean the same thing. I believe, in this case, that many, many people in America would normally say "thing" instead of "object" and mean the exact same thing. It is a normal sentence. In fact, many people would be uncomfortable saying the word "object" in this sentence, feeling it was way too formal. So, I believe the translation "a big thing" should be accepted in this case.


I'm little bit confused, i though we should use "grande" with feminin nouns, and "gran" with masculin. Can you advise please?


When placed after the noun, use "grande" (and it means "big"). When placed before the noun, use "gran" (and it means "great"). The gender of the noun makes no difference.


Como: China es un gran pais. (China is a great country.) y China es un pais grande. (China is a big country.)


Ugh. My answer was, A large object. It said it was wrong and that the correct answer was, A large object, A big object. So the next time i had it i put just that. I said it is wrong still. Doulingo please change this cuz i can't get past this one xd


"A huge object" is incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    large = grande
    huge = enorme


    It says my answer was wrong when it was correct(I checked with google translate) and instead of saying what was wrong with it it said 155!


    Help me in this. objeto pronounced as ob-khe-to or ob-he-to? In some words I noticed j is pronounced as kh like naranja. Am I correct?


    every time i put the right solutions, it wont let me move on so i am suke and i need help because i need to be LEVEL 8 for school!!! HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!


    it says it wrong but its right


    it doesn't even say to say that it is so anoying.all it says is a big object.that it what it says. i even typed in a large object a big object and it says it is wrong.you really need to say what to say


    If not "grande", how does one say "grand" in Spanish? Thanks in advance.

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