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"Do you know everything, Maha?"

Translation:هَل تَعْرِفين كُلّ شَيْء يا مَها؟

July 28, 2019



The standard textbook for Arabic in the US (as far as I know) is "al-kitaab", and there is a recurring character, "Maha" in there (including videos). I'll always remember the chapter "Maha hiia bint wiHda" (Maha is a lonely girl), LOL!

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well, it should be waHeedah (or waHídah, waHidah)

even though bint is correct, but typically in literature we would use فتاة Fatát for "girl"



I am wondering your statement. You say, "The standard textbook for Arabic in the US is "al-kitaab"". Do we have the same thought? Do you refer "al-kitaab" to "al-kitaab" li sibawaih (ie. written by Sibawaih)?

Or is it else? Who is the author? Hope you share us.

Thanks in advance! :))


I knew a guy named Maha. Is it strange or what?

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an Arab named Maha? that would be strange yes. Never heard of a male being called Maha. It's always a female's name.

Are you sure of the spelling of his name? Maybe you hear it as Maha but it's actually something else (maybe Maher? Maher is a male's name)


Yes, I am pretty sure. 3 letters mem, hay, alef. He is an Israeli Arab, I suppose. As far as I know, most of their names are used unisex. MB that's why his parents could have named him so... Also I've seen a lot of Hindi male names, that start with "Maha-" that means "Great-" as it was explained by the native Indian friend of mine. Thank you for your help, now I know that Maha as an Arabian name should be used only for women

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maybe ur friend's name is hebrew not sure

Mahá مها in Arabic is one name for some type of gazelle (or wild deer something like that).

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