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  5. "Beautiful grey dress."

"Beautiful grey dress."

Translation:Gaun abu-abu cantik.

July 29, 2019



Why is gaun cantik abu-abu not accepted?


I was also confused by this. My wife, who is Indonesian, said it's because it is the 'grey dress' that is beautiful not the 'beautiful dress' that is grey.


Why here only "cantik" is accepted but not "indah"?


As far as I know "cantik" is to say beautiful to living things like girl/woman/cute animals. Otherwise 'handsome' is to boy/man. Ex: Dia cantik sekali hari ini (She is very beautiful today)

Indah means beautiful too in English. But it used for something beautiful places/sceneries (non living things) like beach/mountain. Ex: Pantai ini indah sekali (The beach is very beautiful).

For flowers (living thing) sometimes we can use both indah and cantik. Ex: Wah, bunga ini indah/cantik sekali. (Aww, these flowers are beautiful)


Yah, I'm confused by this as well, isn't a dress a thing and therefore more suited to 'indah'.


cantik is not used for a dress. It is used for females and small animals. For things indah is used. Ganteng (handsome) is used for males.

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