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"Help Kaʻiulani clean windows."

Translation:E kōkua iā Kaʻiulani ma ka hoʻomaʻemaʻe puka aniani.

July 29, 2019



I would say E kōkua iā Kaʻiulani e hoʻomaʻemaʻe puka aniani.


I see your point. e used as an infinitive seems more appropriate than ma used as a preposition.


E kokua ia Ka'iulani e ho'oma'ema'e i ka puka aniani or E kokua ia ka'iulani ka ho'oma'ema'e i ka puka aniani. This is a hard one to grasp because I feel like based off of all the earlier stuff i gotta add an "i" in front of the window.


Your second choice should read - E kōkua iā Ka'iulani i ka ho'oma'ema'e i ka puka aniani. You are right, though.

What they are doing in the answer is using the direct objects as adverbs to modify the verbs directly.

Kui au i ka lei. I am stringing lei.

Kui lei au. I am stringing lei.


Oh, I've noticed this. E mālama kālā / E mālama i ke kālā; E ho'olilo kālā / e ho'olilo i ke kālā; E puhi palaoa / E puhi i ka palaoa; E kahi lauoho / E kahi i ka lauoho; etc. But look here: Help Kaʻiulani clean windows. Plural. The meaning is unbroken, but it is a bit different however. So: i nā puka aniani? The most nice answer for me is: E kōkua iā Kaʻiulani e hoʻomaʻemaʻe i puka aniani.


You have a valid interpretation. Slightly different, though.

E kōkua iā Ka'iulani e ho'oma'ema'e i nā puka aniani.
"Help Ka'iulani to clean the windows."

The same effect happens with "clothes."

Ka lole = "clothes"
Nā lole = "the clothes"


As far as I understand, Hawaiian plurals can often be expressed as singulars - when plural is implied, but it is simplified to naming a thing. For example: E holoi i kou lima - wash your hands. Not: E holoi i kou mau lima. The hand is ka lima. Hands are also ka lima. Perhaps, if the hands of several people were meant, then or mau would appear. For this reason, in this sentence we write ma/i ka hoʻomaʻemaʻe_puka aniani - no article at all, just naming a thing.


Hawaiian often uses singular when it's understood to be plural. © Hōkūlani Cleeland


i and ma should be interchangeable


I would have used i not ma in that answer. If it did not accept i then I would definitely report that. Mahalo.


Help Kaʻiulani at the window cleaning. (The sentence is confusing to translate.)


should be ok to put ʻoe


Report that too. The word ‘oe is not required for commands but is possible.


Why is "I" not accepted instead of "ma"?


Please report that. I would have used i instead of ma because to me, the word ma is a preposition of place moreso than an object marker.


Why is na puka aniani a disqualifier?


See the answer by Everlighta above. If you use nā puka aniani, then you need the object marker - i nā puka aniani.


I put i na and it was counted wrong


Please report that as your answer should be correct.

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