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حكايات كليلة و دمنة - The Tales of Kalila and Dimna 2# - The Fisherman and the Pearl

الصياد واللؤلؤة

كان صياد يصيد سمك في نهر، فرأى في يوم من الأيام صدَفَة جميلة تلمع في الماء فظن أنها جوهرة لها قيمة عالية و كان في شبكته سمكة فتركها و رمى نفسه في الماء ليأخذ الصَدَفة. فلما أخرجها وجدها فارغة، فندم لأنه ترك السمكة و طَمِعَ في الصَدَفة. و في اليوم التالي ذهب إلى مكان أخر من النهر و أنزل شبكته في الماء فوقعت فيها سمكة صغيرة، و رأى بجانب السمكة صَدَفة فلم ينتبه لها و تركها . فمر صياد أخر و أخذ الشبكة فوجد فيها لؤلوة تساوي مالا كثيرا

[لؤلؤة = A pearl]

[صياد = Hunter/ Fisherman (in this case)]

[طَمِعَ = the act of being greedy]

[تساوي = (she) is equal to / يساوي = (he) is equal to]

The Fisherman and the Pearl

There was a fisherman fishing fish on a river, and one day he saw a beautiful shell shining in the water and so he thought it was a gem of high value and there was a fish in his net so he left it and threw himself into the water to take the shell. When he brought it out, he found it empty, and regretted letting go of the fish and taking greed upon the shell. The next day, he went to another place on the river and lowered his net into the water and a small fish fell into it, and he saw a shell next to the fish so he didn’t concentrate on the fish and let go. Another fisherman passed by and took the net and found a pearl inside it that was worth a lot of money.

The END.

Moral of the story? …. Well it’s kind of obvious! There’s two actually:

  1. Don’t be greedy

  2. Learn from your mistakes

Or in Arabic:

  1. لا تكن طماع

  2. تعلم من أخطائك

Any others? :D

That’s the second tale from Kalila and Dimna, though it’s quite short, it’s very valuable… Who else votes to show it to every president in the world? ;p

Bravo to anyone who managed to read some of the Arabic ;)

  • Sorry for the left to right problem :S
July 29, 2019



I put in the first vote. XDDDDD

This is like the story of that greedy lion. The animals were migrating to a better place because there was a drought where they lived. The lion decided to stay. He was very hungry for many days until he saw a hare in the distance. He was like I'll get the hare and ran after it. He caught the hare and before he ate it, he saw a deer and was like the deer will fill me up. So he let go of the hare and ran after the deer. The deer saw the lion approaching and ran away. The lion came back and saw that the hare ran away and he had nothing to eat.

Moral: Greed doesn't get you anywhere kids. ;p

Lingots coming your way. ^-^


Looks like I'm late. Hmph.

Won't be on tomorrow cos I'm going shopping with my mum and auntie in Milton Keynes. Hate the place. Don't know why I agreed to it.

Then the day after we're going Westfield. My all time favourite place.

ps. Andres. it's okay. I'm used to it. ^-^


:p enjoy! I'm gonna sit here an RELA... "get your ass of that chair and cook b4 your father comes home!" [my parents always have to ruin my relaxation! If I'm just sitting there, they have to make me do some chore of some kind SIGH]

Idk how they can spell your name wrong ;p


The same to me! XD happy holidays! what you're planing to do?


What holiday is it? I want to celebrate LOL!

-Happy holidays to you guys as well.


Yes it's summer ^^ _for me it is nearly school TT


XD ENJOY school! ...I'm technically in school cus I got loaded with homework for the holiday and I have to finish them all in two weeks :'( What's even the point of having a holiday?


You have homeworks even in summer ?! What kinda of homeworks ? I've got only 1 month rest to enjoy my holidays.. Sometimes I wish I was born and died 500 years ago T-T


Like 10x more hmwk then you'd normally get X.X Like for computing I got 12 pieces of hmwk :'(

Yeah! Did they have school 500 yrs ago?


12 pieces!! too much! We don't have any Haha XD


I Don't thinh they used to go to school 500 years ago.. Maybe kids used to go to learn reading and writing, but no homeworks, no exams, no punishments.. The life! T-T


The Sassy family never plan anything XD I'm going Libya in 2 weeks I'm gonna jump off the plane and land in Algeria on the way ;p


Lucky though. At least it's better than being dragged around different shops with 10 bags of clothes in your arms or having to stand up on the underground for like half an hour.


Better than being dragged around different shops and carrying all the clothes that your brother is gonna wear then getting strangled in a hug by some lady you barely remember XD


YAY ! Am I dreaming ?!! Sassy finally agreed to let me eat her !


NA I'm just gonna hang about ;p


It'll gonna be easier to catch you anyway


After mine of course! :p

It's also a bit like Macbeth... You'll understand in a year's time ;p You'll die with me hehe :3

"Moral: Greed doesn't get you anywhere kids." ...Unless it's greed over a cake which gets you to the wide-fit section in Debenhams XD

Double that coming your way :)


Ruwayda, You May have beat my upvote this time but I will try to beat you tomorrow hehe... Actually probably not, I am literally in violin boot camp this week (no free time whatsoever) LOL

P.S Sorry, I misspelled your name earlier.


Rawad? XD That's an Arabic boy name you know that? XDDDDD

Violin boot camp? Sounds torturous? XD Though it'd be awesome to get taught the violin


It’s very fun, but It starts at 9:00 A.M and ends at 4:00 pm (a lot of walking.) plus I only slept for 3 hours last night (It’s a bit of a drive 2 and a half hours LOL)


I'm glad you're enjoying yourself :) I'm here putting my keyboard on lowest hearable sound and my mum's attacking me for giving her a head-ache [a few days ago complains that the keyboard was a waste of money cus she never sees anyone play on it apparently] ... 3 hours?! Bruv I can't wake up after sleeping 10 hours XD


LOL My parents say the same thing.


You spelt it wrong again XDDDDDD


I finally fixed it?


No! It's spelt "رويدا" XD


Thanks for the story and the translation. But remember طَمَّاعًا is منصوب


Thanks for noticing hawk-eyes :p [I'm beginning to think I have Arabic dyslexia XD]

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