Repeat, repeat, repeat questions through Level 3, 4 and 5

I would be grateful to learn why this problem is happening and if anyone else is experiencing it. There's seemingly no way to contact duolingo other than through these topic boards, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Level 3, 4 and 5 Basics - I answered endless questions about the man, the boy, the woman and the girl eating bread and drinking water

Level 3, 4 and 5 Basics 2 - As above, but also liking and loving

Level 3, 4 and 5 Phrases - I've nearly finished level 5 but am still being asked how to say hello, goodbye and thank you.

I appreciate the value of repetition but this is crazy. I'm simply not learning anything...

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone @ duolingo - why am I having this problem?

Any feedback, comments, support would be hugely appreciated!

Cheers, Jonathan

July 29, 2019


Move on to other skills. There's no obligation to continue practicing what you know well. No points lost for moving forward. This used to be more obvious before the Crowns debacle. In that previous version, you could see when your skills may have degraded (or not!) and go back for a brush-up. Now there's no such feedback so you may be left thinking you have to plow through all levels of the easy stuff. You don't! Work on your goals. What do you want to get out of learning Swedish?

I've had a breakthrough recently. I know what my goals are and I'm getting closer every day. I want to read Swedish and I want to understand (as much as possible) spoken Swedish That's it. There is nothing I want to write in Swedish. I will never go to Sweden and have no Swedish speakers to talk to.

The hours of practice I've put in have helped me get a good feel for the conventions of Swedish spelling, and while I couldn't write much that is grammatically correct in Swedish, I have some of the basics of the grammar, and can read and understand grammatical sentences-- more and more.

Also, Tinycards! For my goals, vocabulary is more important than grammar. I hate the "new look" of Duo and spend most of my time on Tinycards gaining vocabulary. Slowly! I am not a natural language learner.

Good luck! Don't stay mired in the stuff you already know. Move on!

August 3, 2019

Unfortunately, this is pretty much how the higher levels are. When these crown levels were introduced, it was said that there would be new more difficult content at the higher levels. However, from my experience, there are no new sentences that are only given at higher levels, the only thing that changes is the type of question given: what are thought of as the more difficult exercise types become more common and the easy ones less so. So fewer pair up the words, and more typing in the target language.

The one thing you can control as the user is your approach to progressing through the tree. When you start learning a new skill is totally up to you, maybe you will find it more useful to structure your learning by going a bit further down the tree before going back and leveling up some of the earlier skills.

People have always had different approaches to this, you used to see (and probably still do) see people who went through the whole tree practically without going back over any of the previous lessons. As such they would finish the tree and get their golden owl while only being at about level 12 or so, less than you are now! I personally never thought that was a good way to go about learning, I definitely couldn't have kept more than a few lessons worth of content in my head after seeing it just once! Your current approach has maybe been a bit closer to the other side of the spectrum, going over skills you have learnt frequently to get up to the higher crown levels before moving on to new content.

The ratio of new lessons to reviewing earlier content can be difficult to know, it used to be a bit easier when there was an indication of when you should go back and revisit and old lesson. With the addition of crown levels, this indication to help with spaced repetition was removed, making it harder to know when to move on and when to go back and strengthen skills you had already covered. When this change first happened there were, and still are, many people that weren't happy and complained. Some people, myself included based our progress strategy around this indication, only moving on to new content when everything else was at 100% strength. Now people had to put in more guesswork to know when to go back and review old skills.

The website offers a way to see the strengths of individual skills again. You can go to to see this and more information that is currently hidden. For you this would be . I found this to be very useful and used to help me finish the tree, balancing leaning new content and reviewing old. I also found having to go to this seperate site everyday a little annoying, so I made a browser extension that show the information on the tree itself, like it used to. You can see my recent forum post about it here if you are interested: Duo Strength. There are other options too, there is a great post by @Thomas.Heiss listing many of them and explaining the above about duome: [HOWTO]: Different ways for spaced repetition with skill strength viewer (user script and extension).

I realise that this has ended up as a pretty long post, and I feel like I repeated myself a lot without saying much, maybe that is apt given the topic... I hope it helps anyway. Just as a last thing, it took me about 11 months to finish the tree using my approach, that's about 3 skills every 2 weeks, doing about 30-50xp a day, obviously that varied depending on how much time I had and how confident I felt etc.



July 30, 2019

i like how its the same, you can keep on practicing until you completely understand the words, and then once (what i do) you get to level 4, just skip the level. i have gone up to lesson 12 like this and think it is a really helpful way for it to stick in your head, rather than looking at it once and forgetting it after a while.

August 6, 2019
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