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I Love Arabic

I thought after Spanish that I'd be done with Duolingo, but nope! The Arabic course is awesome. I love the sound of the language and how the course starts you off slowly so you can memorize every new word as you go. :)

July 29, 2019



I love the course too!

However, I have read several comments that were critical of the pronunciation used.

Therefore, I have started visiting the sentence discussions, to see if anyone has found any issues, and to learn from the comments as well as from the course.

Happy learning! :-)


I am Arabic speaking and I find the course very clearly spoken. Sometimes the robotic voice makes some kind of 'slippery', something you can find in other language courses as well. I do have a problem, though, with the mix of dialect and standard Arabic.


The Arabic language also loves you. If you love the language of your proficiency, go ahead and learn it and make sure it is one of the best languages


I think the preparator of the course is not excellent in Arabic. There are frequent pitfalls.


I took two years of Arabic in college. My university didn't offer any more classes besides the ones I had taken. I have saved all of my books and study materials and by using those alongside duolingo I have been working on becoming more proficient in the language for future use. This module is good for individuals with some prior knowledge of the language.


I concur. I'm Dutch/Egyptian with limited knowledge of Arabic and this course helped me to improve my mastery of the Arabic alphabet. I could imagine the course being a bit overwhelming for those new to the language.


It really is a very unique language everyone should learn. Glad to know you enjoy it.


I am glad that you are enjoying the course. One problem that I often have with the course seems to be that, rather than a gradual climb, the course seems to have "steep climbs" and "plateaus". In other words, you have new material "thrown at you" (translating sentences, new letters, vowels [accents]), and then the same materials and lessons are repeated again, and again, and again. A "tips & reminders" section would be nice!


What do you mean with "Tips and reminders"? There are "Tips and Notes"; for example, here for "Alphabet 3" https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ar/Alphabet-3/tips-and-notes. (Can be reached by clicking on the "lightbulb" symbol in the skill in the web version of the course).

I also have the feeling that some parts of the course might be made smoother. For example, when I expect to have just another cosy "mix and match" session, I get long sentences to decipher! ;-) I can manage those lessons, but sometimes they are just a little stretching for me, especially when I'm tired and would just like to do a little mix & match.


I hope you don't mind: I just had a look at your progress on Duome.eu. https://duome.eu/heike333145/progress

(I switched back to my own profile for privacy reasons; you can open your own by entering your name instead of mine in the web address). (Duome.eu is a site that is independent of Duolingo, but coordinated with Duolingo. I use it a lot to view my own progress, and to see which skills need a little attention.)

It seems that you have been doing each skill up to crown level 5. This is not necessary, and this may indeed be boring. You can move on to new skills as soon as you have reached crown level 1 in a row of skills.

That's what I normally do: I complete a row of skills to crown level 1 and then move on, to get an overview of the material offered in the course. In Arabic, I move much more slowly than in other languages, but this is my general pattern: Level 1, and if I don't make too many mistakes, move on, and level up older skills whenever I feel like it (I do older skills when I'm feeling a little tired).

If it feels right to you to go to level 5 in each skill, that's absolutely OK, nothing wrong. I just wanted to mention that it is not necessary in order to progress, and you can select from a wide range of activities.

Happy learning! :-)

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