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"'ey tIr ngogh'e' vutta'bogh vutwI'."

Translation:The bread which the cook has baked is delicious.

July 29, 2019



You can imagine Torg saying, 'ey tIr ngogh vutta'bogh vutwI', because it's clear what element of that relative clause would be described as 'ey. But the vutwI' is shapely, well-muscled, with a warm smile and bright twinkling eyes, and Torg's buddies suspect that enhances the flavour of the tIr ngogh for Torg. They tease, 'ey'a' tIr ngogh vutta'bogh vutwI''e', torgh? Torg is an adolescent, teeming with rImbey (hormones) and is unsure of whether it is honourable for him to lust after someone who prepares baked goods, so he defends himself with 'ey tIr ngogh'e' vutta'bogh vutwI', as in the example sentence. No one is fooled, and a week or so later the vutwI' and Torg make a cute couple.

Just a single verse of the secret lives of Duolingo example sentences.


I will take sliced cook in a bun, please.

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