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Vocabulary for lessons does not match the content of lesson

(I think I should have posted this here instead of the Spanish forum.)

I use Duolingo extensively in my Spanish 1 class with my students.

It is very difficult to give my students a consistent list of words to study so I can give quizzes in class based on what they've been practicing in Duolingo.

For example: I had them all study lesson 1 of Verbs Present 2. But the verbs being used in lesson 1 were totally different than the vocabulary list for lesson 1. http://duolingo.com/#/vocab/46f019f2822b55879a471fcc498e8388/1 existir, encontrar, quedar, etc. were on the list of vocab, but lesson 1 itself was giving words like pensar, presentar, abrir, probar.

Anybody found a rhyme or reason as to what words it chooses to put in a lesson?

I went and looked at another section and for Lesson 13 it was supposed to use "ir", but it started asking questions for "ir" in Lesson 1 where it was supposed to be using "caminar" and "nadar".

April 17, 2013


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