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"Tini arrives too late for the chemistry lesson."

Translation:Tini terlambat datang ke pelajaran kimia.

July 29, 2019



What is the difference between "terlambat datang" and "datang terlambat"? And why is it "ke" and not "di" (pelajaran kimia)? Isn't it "datang di sini" and "pergi ke sana"?


"ke" means "to" (movement from somewhere to somewhere else)

"di" means "in", "at" or sometimes can be also "on"

"dia datang ke sini" means "she comes here"

"pergi ke sana" means "go there"

"saya ada di sini" means "I am here"

"saya ada di sekolah" means "I am at school"


The word "too" in the English sentence is redundant. It implies that she arrived too late, i.e. after the lesson is over.


I dont think so. As it stands alone it could seem redundant, but this is just an exercise not a whole story. The point could have been said in previous sentence. For example they could be talking about submitting homework which was held in the half of the class duration. If she came 10 minutes late she would be late to catch the start but not too late to submit her homework. So if the point was to submit that damn homework and she came 35 minutes late she was "too late". That is how I understand it :)


Could "tiba" be used here?


why not use tiba or muncul here?

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