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  5. "His shout is very loud."

"His shout is very loud."

Translation:Teriaknya sangat keras.

July 29, 2019



I think it should be 'teriakannya'... for 'shout' here is a noun, so it is 'teriakan', not teriak which is a verb.


Thank you for correcting me... But i think 'teriak' is rarely used as a noun, it'll probably sound unnatural. Even the example from the link you gave where 'teriak' acts as a noun from KBBI above, "terdengar teriak orang dari arah sungai" still sounds akward, doesn't it? And it'ill be more natural if the word 'teriak' changed into 'teriakan'... but who am i to judge? I'm still learning... hahaha...


I should've checked before I posted :-)


It should be "teriakannya", instead of "teriaknya". I am an Indonesian, btw :)

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