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  5. "The teacher is Jordanian."

"The teacher is Jordanian."

Translation:اَلْمُعَلِّمة أُرْدُنِيّة.

July 30, 2019



I should've asked this ages before this exercise, but what's the rule with L into M (approximately). With teacher, lawyer, and the city when we use the definite article (al- or el-) I do not see the character for the 'm' sound. Or am I just reading this wrong and the 'm' sound is represented by what otherwise looks like a middle 3?

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No it's just a font thing

Check this image (it says Al-Madínah al-munawwarah) .. the M is that little branching stroke under the L: https://images.app.goo.gl/47QVHh4B3fir5hCf7

Not sure what device you are using but I guess you can change the displaying font to something else that displayed M clearly as a circle after L instead of below L.


Thanks, TJ. I see the branching stroke, but a clearer circle or an explanation from the app would've been nice. Obviously not necessary since I've finished about 6 levels since this has started popping up, but reassuring.

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Most welcome

I don't know what they are showing in these exercises and skills since I'm not doing Arabic (as a native) but i can see that they are screwing up many things (and the lessons here are even a mix of dialect and MSA which is not pretty... cool so to say)


Yeah. I was doing Drops for Arabic, but it wasn't contextual enough. So this is giving me a better sense of syntax, and then I'll go back to some other self-guided resources I have. I just want to be polite as I'm traveling through Egypt next year.

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Good luck!


It had the male teacher and then only the female version of Jordanian. It said I had a typo but there was no option to select a male version of Jordanian.


yeah same for me. there was a female version of both teacher and Jordanian though, so i think you were supposed to put them instead of trying to do a male teacher.


On the question page the DIACRITICS on the first letter of urdunia are not visible

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