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  5. "Rawad is from Oman."

"Rawad is from Oman."

Translation:رَواد مِن عُمان.

July 30, 2019



Is the 2nd "a" In "Rawad" and the "a" in "Oman" being pronounced correctly, at least in MSA? I thought they would have an "aah" sound.

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If you mean how round is the "A" in these instances, then it really depends on the dialect and the individual itself. I can tell you that the speech machine here is based on Egyptian because of the way long "A" is spelled - not sure how to describe it but I might say a bit backward and more open?

In standard Arabic, I would say it is not very rounded and not very wide open, and a bit frontal. Hope I got to describe this correctly.


Thanks TJ, but I'm not sure what sound you're describing by "not very rounded, not very wide open, and a bit frontal". In MSA, would the "a" in these words be like the "a" in "father" and the "a"s in "ah ha!" ?

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I would say close to "father" more.


Why do I hear "un" after Rawad?

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This is Tanwin or Nunation. They didn't put the vowel mark here over the D in Rawad.


How does this lesson jump from zero vocab and merely basic "sounding" words, to sentences? The structure makes no sense.


The structure makes sense . Grammar is different . But it sure makes sense.

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