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"بَشير دُكْتور جَيِّد وَسَريع."

Translation:Bashir is a good and fast doctor.

July 30, 2019



Why is "fast and good" in stead of "good and fast" wrong?

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I think Duolingo wants you to type the adjectives according to the order they are mentioned in exactly, which is "good" first and then "fast" as in the Arabic text.


"good and fast" is idiomatic English, and "fast and good" is not.


Seriously.. And most of it Pronounciation is also bad!!


The fast and good v good and fast thing for me as well.


Could the 'and' be dropped here? I'm not asking if it needs to be dropped, but I've noticed in other examples that adjectives are listed without the joining word "and." It's the same way in English that some nouns and adjectives don't always require the joining word. I'm just wondering if it's that way in Arabic too.

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Sometimes it is possible sometimes it's not quite common i'd say. In the example above, I personally don't quite feel it's alright to remove the "and" in the Arabic sentence. Probably it is because that the adjectives here are both "predicative" and not "attributive" (or in English, they follow the verb "to be" and not attached to the noun so to say). Not sure if this is the reason here though but it kind of feels weird to say (jayyid) and (saree3) consecutively without linking the two with (wa: and).


The typing takes too long..pplus Duolingo doesn't accept typos..please remove the option of typing answers


ad instead of and should be identified as spelling / typing error


Is this the same Dr. Bashir from Star Trek?

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