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  5. "هٰذِهِ قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس."

"هٰذِهِ قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس."

Translation:This is the engineer's cat.

July 30, 2019



Why is the answe not "This cat is an engineer?" It would not be the weirdest sentence in Duo.

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This cat is an engineer: هذه القطة مهندسة

Notice where the definite article (AL) is placed. If I switch (AL) to مهندس, then مهندس would not become a predicative anymore but rather signifies a genitive relation to the other noun attached to it (قطة).
And by the way, in my translation above, I've changed مهندس to مهندسة to fit the gender of قطة here. Since we moved (AL), then this word becomes predicative, and the predicative typically describes the subject - which implies it must coincide with the subject in gender and number.


Not sure I hear the definite article in the audio (THE engineer). Is it there and I can't hear, or is it written but not said, or is there actually a mismatch?

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It sounds alright for me here.

This said, if you are expecting Al-Muhandis (with A pronounced clearly) then this is not the case here. The "A" in the definite article AL is what we call Hamzat Wassl همزة وصل (ironically this Alif has no hamza like this ء). It means (Connecting hamza). It works somehow like a schwa and sometimes vanishes completely actually like in this case here, where the last vowel of قطةُ (Qitt^atu) gets connected to the next word (Genitive relation here) to form: Qitt^atul-Muhandis. The Alif disappears here though written.


The Alif in "al" gets dissolved by a previous word's vowel ending. (the definite article "al" doesn't have a hamza on the Alif). You can clearly hear the Lam though, so that's how you know it's definite when only listening.


I can't hear the 'ال' in 'المهندس' at all. I understand the Alef sound should be hidden by the ة on the end of the last word, but I can't hear the 'ل' at all either. Is it the audio or just me? Or am I supposed to infer that it means 'المهندس' by the context?

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I can hear it here, so maybe it is an audio problem from your side. Try changing the volume up and down, sometimes it helps on clarifying some sounds. Hope that works.


My ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ translated this as "this cat is an egineer"

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