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  5. "'IvvaD naghbochmey Dangev?"

"'IvvaD naghbochmey Dangev?"

Translation:Who did you sell the gems to?

July 30, 2019



Why is the translation "Whom you are going to sell the gemstones" wrong?


It would have to be, "To whom..."


It could be Whom are you going to sell the gemstones to? Because that whole "don't end a sentence with a preposition" is prescriptivist bunk. :)

shrikrishna1's sentence also has you are instead of are you.


The "Whom...to?" version is also an accepted translation, but that extra "to" is required, either at the beginning or at the end. But I hadn't noticed the switched "you are", which must be in the other order since this is a question.


Yes I made a mistake


Even 'Whom are you going to sell the gemstones to' is not accepted


That exact sentence, was, indeed, missing. We had "To whom are you going to sell the gemstones," and we had, "Whom will you sell the gemstones to," but we were missing the exact combination of "whom...to" with "going to". It's in there now.

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