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  5. "Can he be trusted?"

"Can he be trusted?"

Translation:Apakah dia dapat dipercaya?

July 30, 2019



Is "Apakah dia bileh dipercaya?" wrong?


Oops meant to write "boleh", is it still wrong?


I don't know if it's wrong, but I think it's ambiguous.

My translation of 'boleh' would be : may, to be allowed to, to be permitted to.

Saying it like that would sound to me like if you're asking for permission.

In this sentence you're not asking for permission, but you're asking for an opinion.

That's why I think it's ambiguous.

'Apakah dia bisa dipercaya' is another possible translation.


How about "bisakah dia dipercaya"? It is not accepted by Duolingo.

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