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"The doctor works at the hospital"

Translation:Daktari hufanya kazi hospitalini

July 30, 2019



There is no clue given to indicate that this should be the habitual tense over the simple present. So either answer should be accepted.


Why's is it "hufanya" and "ufanya" is not correct ?


Based on what the course has taught before, another correct version would be "anafanya". There is no such thing as "ufanya".

"Kufanya" would result in "Doctor to do work at...".

"Unafanya", finally with a time tense, would give another gibberish: "Doctor you do work at...".


I had kazi, but the hover hints said just hufanya, so I took it out...then got it wrong. Please check your hover hints before you put them into the lesson! This happens a lot.


Hufanya, isnt that, rhat he doesn't work?

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