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"He and my father are brothers."

Translation:Lui e mio padre sono fratelli.

April 17, 2013



Why is it incorrect to use "il" in there? Lui e il mio padre sono fratelli


That bit isn't needed when you are talking about close family in the singular. Mum, dad, sister, brother are all so close to you that it literally goes without saying that they are "the" mother, father, sister or brother. Rather nice reflection perhaps of the way Italians revere and love their family.


I thought it WAS that you put the article for family members as they are important! Noooooooooo :(



Omissione dell'articolo determinativo: con i nomi di parentela preceduti da un aggettivo possessivo che non sia loro (mio padre, mia madre), a meno che il nome non sia plurale (i miei fratelli, le mie sorelle) o preceduto da un aggettivo qualificativo (la mia vecchia madre), o che il possessivo segua il nome (il padre mio). Si deve però usare sempre l'articolo coi nomi babbo e mamma, anche se accompagnati da possessivo (il mio babbo, la mia mamma).


I thought plural always needs article, so i put ...i fratelli and this was wrong :(


I thought plural requires the article in front of fratelli. So sick of it being right sometimes wrong other times.


I used padre and they told me I'm wrong as the right answer is babbo. WTF?


And when I used babbo to make it right it had told me the right answer is padre. What the f..?


Just saying ... surely it's a bit harsh to reject my answer just 'cos I spelt fratelli wrong


Why is i fratelli incorrect ?


Why aren't he and my father "we"= siamo and not they=sono


Why fratte not fratelli- its never been introduced so wgere did that come fro.?


So I put fratte this time and now its gone back to frattelli - this sucks

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