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  5. "Eu gosto desse tom de azul."

"Eu gosto desse tom de azul."

Translation:I like that shade of blue.

June 12, 2014



English 'tone' is not accepted for PT 'tom'. In my opinion (not native English speaker, though) is that 'tone' is more precise than 'shade' to describe a nuance of a colour whereas 'shade' would be better for a grade of grey (how dark/light is this on a grey-scale) or how deep/dark is a shadow. I'd appreciate correction from a native English speaker!


I am a native English speaker and with respect to color I would use tone and shade interchangeably. I acknowledge there probably is a distinction that a more artistic person might be able to distinguish. However, I believe the common English speaker (outside of an artistic background) would rarely perceive a difference in denotation or connotation between the words "tone" and "shade."


Ok, thanks a lot! Then I'll report Duo's lack of support for "tone". :-)


A shade is a variant of that color.

If you like a particular shade of blue, then you like a specific blue (such as navy or sky blue).

Tone is used to describe the parts of a color. Like a grey with a blue tone is a grey with more blue in it, creating a bluish grey. It's used very similarly with color as it is with speech, which may also have a blue tone (sad speech).


Any English speaker care to explain why “blue shade” is not correct English? I fail to see the difference between it and “shade of blue”. Thanks a lot!


I would understand "blue shade" to mean "a shade which is blue", whereas "shade of blue" is a kind of blue (lighter or darker).


I am a native English speaker, and I put "blue shade" as well. I would use either of them when speaking. Not sure why Duolingo would not accept it.


No in proper English we would not say blue shade we would say shade of blue, (we could also say blue tone which would be equally good) if we said blue shade it would imply that the shade( shadow) was blue not a tone of blue


Duolingo accepts "tone of blue", but not "blue tone" - I actually think the latter is more appropriate English.


Thank you Jon. I am learning almost as much about English as about other languages with DL (no kidding) but sometimes it can make me too paranoid about my level of nescience. It is good to be reassured by a native from time to time!


26/06/14 marked wrong I like that blue shade


Still not accepted 10/14/17. Two friends are together and they are selecting makeup. It is between blue and green. I like that blue shade. Now if there were two different blue colors, then yes, one over the other would be I like that shade of blue. (I dated a fashion model -- been there, done that).


Having worked in photoprocessing, I agree with Josh. As for blue shade, I have never heard the adjective used after the color. I would expect a blue shade to be a window dressing.


"tone" should absolutely be accepted


I learned the difference between blue shade and shade of blue. Thanks for the explanations. Native speakers


I like that blue shade should be accepted


"Shade" is actually less accurate than "tone", yet tone is not accepted.

In color theory, "tone" has a specific meaning, is not synonymous with "shade", "tint" or "hue". In my opinion, it should be accepted as the primary answer.

A hue is a particular pure color value. A shade is a hue mixed with a quantity of black. A tone is a hue mixed with gray. A tint is a hue mixed with white.

Yes, many people will use color terminology interchangeably, but vernacular usages shouldn't be preferred to the exclusion of those that express widely accepted technical definitions.

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