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"Carrie is an American professor."

Translation:كَري أُسْتاذة أَمْريكِيّة.

July 30, 2019



Does it go: subject, object, adjective?


بروفيسور تعني استاذه جديدة هذي جالسين يخبصو بالغه العربية ومافي مجال للتصحيح مثل اللغات الاخرى للاسف


It seems to me that Carrie does not slot into any of the two gender there is certainly an element of duplicity in this regard and though I am aware that the name Carrie can be both male and female still it is marginally confusing a a bit unfair when initially Carrie is female gender indicated by the ending and then suddenly is shown to have a wife uncool in this instance so please fix this it is most confusing

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