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"غُرْفة اَلْقِطّة كَبيرة جِدّاً."

Translation:The cat's room is very big.

July 30, 2019



Anyone who lives with a cat knows that every room is the cat's room


الحمد لله


I'm glad the cat's room is big. I'm sure she deserves it.


What do they mean with a "cat's room", I can't picture it. Is it a regular room or more like a box?

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Knowing Duolingo and learning 4 languages in it so far, trust me, this is NOT the weirdest thing you'll be encountering in the near future.


In light of some of the other sentences in this course involving things that are much more weird at the least, I have no problems with a cat having a large room. In fact, it is ok for me if the cat has its own palatial mansion complete with a personal chef, a harem, a mouse hunting grounds and its own Scottish Terriers to ride like horses.


Do people in arabia dedicate a spacious room for their queen cats to "rule" from?


Westerners do so, though. they call it living room/bedroom/kitchen/hallway but everyone knows that this space belongs to the cat :P

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