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  5. "Do you have to go to eat?"

"Do you have to go to eat?"

Translation:क्या आपको खाने जाना है?

July 30, 2019



why is it खाने जाना and not खाना जाने ? I dont understand the difference between these two forms


These two forms are not found in similar situations.

verb + ना is used when the verb is in the subjunctive mood. This is used to represent things like has to do / should do etc. e.g. मैं खाता हूँ। - I eat. मुझे खाना है। - I have/want to eat.

verb + ने represents that the verb is in the infinitive mood. It is part of a larger phrase. This usually happens when this is the main verb and has a helping verb or it is the object of a postposition (exactly like how it is in English). It is equivalent to 'to verb'. e.g. खाने - to eat. खाने के लिए - to eat. खाने से - from/(due to) eating. खाने जा - go to eat. खाने आ - come to eat.

And also like English when the verb phrase has a main verb and a helping verb, the main verb is in the infinitive/participle/gerund form and all the inflection is transferred to the helping verb. The only difference being that in English the helping verb is written first, while in Hindi the main verb is written first.

In this sentence, खा is the main verb and जा is the helping verb (Just like in English 'to go to eat': 'go' is the helping verb and 'eat' is the main verb). So, खा will be in the infinitive खाने and जा will be conjugated according to the needs of the sentence. Since the sentence is in the present tense subjunctive mood, it will be क्या आपको खाने जाना है? If the sentence had been in present indicative it would be क्या आप खाने जाते हैं? In third person - क्या वह खाने जाता है?


A small clarification. The verb + ना form can also be used in the infinitive mood - Eg: 'रोज़ नाश्ता खाना जरूरी है'. It's just that as you said, a verb in the infinitive mood is often the object of a postposition or another verb so it's in the oblique case.


thanks. i think there is indeed one case like this in this lesson


This is very helpful, thanks a lot


I have put the right answer in a number of times but it comes back incorrect. I can not progress any further because of this error


Thank you ksriram, but why is this sentence in subjunctive mood, what's the difference with saying it in the present indicative 'kya aap khane jate hai' like you wrote?

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