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  5. "Non mangio manzo."

"Non mangio manzo."

Translation:I do not eat beef.

April 17, 2013



It feels much more natural to say "I do not eat meat". Twice now I have typed in "meat" rather than "beef". I wonder what the general word for "meat" is?


I agree, I typed in 'meat' quickly as it popped into my head instead of 'beef'.


You could eat chicken for example


Difference between Manzo and Carne???


Carne is meat in general. Manzo is beef/meat from cows.


How does "non mangio manzo" translate to "i do not eat beef" when eat word is no/not eat beef? I don't understand how I'm supposed to know that it means i do not eat beef when I'm basing everything off of each words translation and io isn't in the phrase.


You see it in the verb, mangio = I, it is redundant to write. Io mangio, tu mangi, lui/lei mangia...


Why is it non mangio instead of no mangio?


"No" usually means "No".

"No, non รจ manzo." - "No, it's not beef."


1.How can we say "dont I eat beef"? 2."Io non mangio" or "non Io mangio" which one is correct?


"Non mangio carne?", even if questioning yourself seems a bit stupid in italian and it's used rarely.

Io is generally omitted


Really i do not it beef


Why doesnt steak work instead of beef?


"Steak" is a particular "cut" of meat, meaning meat from a particular part of the animal's body cut in a particular way. Just like with chicken, "chicken" is the name of the meat but there are different "cuts" like " breast, leg, thigh, and wing". "I don't eat chicken wings" means something completely different than "I don't eat chicken" and "I don't eat steak" means something completely different from "I don't eat beef." You might eat hamburger and roast beef but not steak. For this reason, Duolingo should not accept "meat" as a translation for "beef". All beef is meat but not all meat is beef. BTW, the Italian word for "steak" is "bistecca" and the word for "meat" is "carne".

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