"A bowl"

Translation:Una ciotola

April 17, 2013

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Call me crazy, but this wasn't reviewed in the lesson. Maybe a few other folks saw it, but it didn't come up on mine. Anyone else have this happen?


If i had one complaint with Duolingo, its this. Youll notice that there is a list of words for each lesson, but often can complete lessons without all the words being introduced. Then you take the skill checks later and get blindsided. I never learned this word the first time through either.


Same thing happened to me


If you select a word with a dotted line under it, it tells you the word's definition. That's my favorite part of this app


Yep, never saw that word previously.


As long as it's just a one word vocab check, it seems kind of cheap to require the article. :P


Its to see if we know what article goes with it


There's lots of irregular gender nouns so it helps to always know the article (ex: a hand = "la mano"). Also in Italian the definite articles are used much more commonly then they are in English. For example in English we say "she eats apples" but in Italian we say "lei mangia le mele."


Ciatola...... I never was introduced by this word. It isn't right

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