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  5. "Is this your rent, Rosa?"

"Is this your rent, Rosa?"

Translation:هَل هٰذا إيجارِك يا روزا؟

July 30, 2019



Duolingo accepted my response of «يا روزا هل هذا ايجارك؟», but as a typographic error of «هل هذا ايجارك يا روزا؟». Since it did not clarify anything about the particular error when I entered the response, can anyone point out the error in my answer?

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Put Duolingo aside because it is not the most "bright" teacher here, apparently. I'll answer from the perspective of a native speaker.

Your answer is correct indeed. However, the vocative in such questions is typically put at the end of the question, like Duolingo have it. Putting the vocative (يا روزا) in the beginning is fine but in typing at least it should be separated by a comma: يا روزا، هل هذا إيجارك؟ - the comma here serves as a little pause in speech.
So all in all, your answer is correct, it's just the style difference. Also, it should be إيجار and not ايجار (with Hamza below the first Alif) but this is a common mistake that even Arabs do. In fact, thinking about it now, I guess maybe it noted your answer as typo because of this Hamza and nothing else.


Why is it not هذه?

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Because the sentence is pointing to the rent إيجار, which is a masculine noun.
So, one must say هذا إيجارك (this is your rent), and not هذه إيجارك. THIS here refers back to RENT.


Thanks allot, I was confused about that.


it seems that "this" haadhaa can be written h dh aa successfully, since I can't type a dagger alif. هذا

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in fact we never write this short Alif in our daily writing. This is just a guide to let non-Arabs know that there is a long vowel here and it's not written. Also in Quranic orthography (which is a bit different than the standard) this sign is always there as a guide to how pronounce the words.


I can't find it on my keyboard either :S But you can use unicode to produce it, see > هٰ U0670


Who decides what is standard Arabic?

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Language assemblies based on classical Arabic, in reference to Quran and at some point the literature before the Islamic-era


I fail to understand the meaning - does it mean this is a rental payment to be made to someone?

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