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  5. "أُحِبّ اَلْنَّوْم أَيْضاً."

"أُحِبّ اَلْنَّوْم أَيْضاً."

Translation:I like sleeping also.

July 31, 2019



Why is aydon pronounced with an -n in the end of the word?

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The word أيضاً bears Tanwin or Nunation to its end. This word is considered an adverb (a word that describes the verb) and adverbs in Arabic, typically, come with Tanwin to their ends (this is the simple explanation).


Tanwin is the alif with a double fatHa atop it at the end of the word.

  • 1388

Tanwin as a general name is the -n sound at the end of the word. It can come in different flavors: -an, -in, -un.
The (-an) Tanwin is the only one that would come with Alif, unlike the others. For some linguistic and speech-related issues within the language, this Tanwin should be written with Alif. However, there are few exceptions (like if the word ends with Ta-Marbúta; No Alif is added then with the Tanwin).

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