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[GUIDE] Avatar rings and Global Ambassadors

Blue rings designate Duolingo administrators.


Duolingo has 5 branches of recognized volunteers, known as Global Ambassadors (GA's). All branches of GA's may have green or gold rings.
Four of the GA branches you can apply for. The fifth are Insiders, who are picked from the community to become GA Insiders.

Here is the link to apply : https://ambassadors.duolingo.com/ . This link also provides a very brief description of the 4 branches of GA you can apply for. The 5th branch are appointed by Duolingo, and is not something you can apply for.
If you are interested further, please also take the time to read : https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001321643-Ambassadors

To elaborate further, there are :


Moderators : Moderators volunteer their resources and are leaders who help provide a safe and fun online learning environment. You will notice, when you hover over the avatar of a GA, that a tag will appear above their name indicating the branch of GA they are part of. Also that Moderators will have a blue "MOD" tag appearing after their name in the forums where they hold Moderatorship. If interested further, check out : https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204980530-Who-are-the-forum-moderators-


Contributors : This community of volunteers maintain existing courses and develop new ones, along with the resources and support of Duolingo.
Also check out : https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204979580-What-is-the-Incubator-

Event hosts

Event Hosts They are learners who host language meetups in their cities. It is well worth checking out - either to attend an event, or maybe even lead it ! Read more about them here : https://events.duolingo.com/host/
Also read more https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027984431-What-are-Duolingo-Events-


If you are an Educator / teacher, please also check out https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/categories/202010963 for more information.
Also take note, the "Educators" discussion forum is for teachers who seek help or to share ideas for "Duolingo for Schools". Not for students or general discussion about Duolingo or for chatting.
Before you post in that forum, please take the time to read : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32499554


are appointed by Duolingo. You can not apply to be an Insider. They are outstanding members of the Duolingo Community who may not fit into one of the other GA categories, but have nonetheless done amazing things to inspire others. Check out this recent post by erudis who has completed 2222 days of learning !


And now insiders also include:

: Duolingo Verified Streamers
^... click on this link to read more about Streamers.

Other posts that may interest you about this topic.

July 31, 2019


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I have posted this, as even in our large GA community, there has been at times queries about the different branches of volunteers. As with all the guides created by myself, I will endeavor to keep them up to date, as things continually develop, change and grow in our thriving community.

And / or - please, if you are able - elaborate further, explain things in a way that you consider is clearer.
Also share links to other resources that you have found explain this better.

If you notice any changes, and I am slow to pick them up, please do comment on the relevant discussion, as this would also be appreciated not just by me, more importantly, by our community.


You think you could create a directory for all your guide posts? :)


Nice post! There's a problem with the picture you used next to the "list of Interviews" though.

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ummm - when you have the time, could you elaborate on this ? Or elaborate by other means.
No rush of course.
And thanks for all you impressively do in our community Little_Tatws ! You are AMAZING !

edited: since reading your comment here - I have also added an advanced link to the above mentioned picture, to also link to the "list of Interviews" - in case this might have been what you meant, and that I thought was a good idea, because of your valid questioning.


I'm messaging you what comes up on my end now.

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thank you - and ... well that is weird. Thanks for this heads up. However - I am about to head to bed now. I will look into this in my new day.

Thanks again for all the stellar things you do Little_Tatws.


Sounds good to me. Thanks for making this overall helpful post!


Nice! Thanks for this, daKanga.

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Thanks Kevin ! A high praise indeed.


Thanks the info is helpful...not sure I have the time now to take on any more stuff but good to know. Thanks for all you do... :)

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Dear PerfectEng,
Thank you for your valued contributions to language learning in many forums, not just on Duolingo. Participating in this site is also volunteering in a very valuable way. It is not necessary to be an authorized Global Ambassador (GA) to make a substantial difference to our community. In many ways, each of us are Ambassadors by the way we choose to act.

Each one of us, when we also communicate in supportive ways, kind ways, and choose to make this a welcoming environment to be and to learn, we are making a profound difference to world. To us as a global community, and an effective community, not just for the benefits of learning a language. However this is also what this does.

When we choose to also be mature in our interactions, and to not respond to people who say inappropriate things, we also make this a safer environment to be. For we are an open environment, where all in the world may access, and people are a diverse bunch. And that I also celebrate. For some, this is referred to as "Do not feed the trolls". And it does take strength to use the super power we all have to choose to not interact in some circumstances. When we choose to not respond, we are denying the reward and fuel that some seek to continue to be inappropriate. It also changes their behavior. (At least in this environment.)

I am mentioning this, more for the general community to read. For the little I know of you, this all comes naturally for you.

So when someone says something very inappropriate, it can be wise to not respond to the comment, to down vote it, and read the links below to see if further action should be taken.

If you check out

Among other things it notes that Moderators will not :

  • Delete threads just because they are critical of Duolingo

It is fine to robustly discuss an issue. It is not fine to be disrespectful and rude to others or to communities of people.

I hope you will excuse me using your appreciated comments to go into this detail.



Thank you for the insight...and nice comments. :)


Good reading, my thanks to all who help on DL. Have a lingot.


Aw daKanga that was beautiful, it shows you really care for the Duo community, you and the other mods have keep a really supportive welcoming enviroment that I ruin in every change I got except for now. Kudos to you.


Thanks for that, I often get confused as to who’s who.

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And you are not the only one.
This is also why I made this post.

It took time, but I think it explains it better than just telling people in words. And doing one off explanations.
It is a question both in the General community and also within the GA community.

Thank you for your feedback Daniel.

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Can you explain why some rings are green and some orange?

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Good question.

Green and gold (orange) indicates different "levels" of Global Ambassadors.
The levels are

Based on your high-quality contributions, you can be a Green or Gold Global Ambassador. Levels are not permanent; they are assessed annually and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

It is normal that you are initially offered a Green ring. And if at some moment in time Duolingo considers that you have qualified they will give you a gold (orange) ring.

The exception to this is for the Global Ambassador type : Contributors, for when they are in Incubator there is some difference in functionality. The only real differences in functioning in the incubator is :

  • when the tree is in Phase 1 (initial development prior to beta release), that only gold contributors can lock the tree, to pass it on to Duolingo for beta release.
  • Only gold contributors can invite new contributors to the team.

And, as they say in the help files What level comes after Gold for Global Ambassadors?

What are you talking about? Gold is the highest level... ;)


Can we take a minute to consider the concept of ''global ambassadors''? At first it seemed to me as if Duolingo were thought as a non geographic country or smt, I mean it seems to indicate that in this platform all corners of the world are being reached and there's a staff of people working to keep in touch with all people from every place on Earth, althought it may be something more simpler, I don't find the concept as trivial for a massive worldwide used app.

Btw I know the featured guy in the events host IRL, he chill. Also not irl but I know the featured mod, she kind, and the insider, he funny, also the contributor, he-she French, and I swear I've seen the educator too somewhere before...

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