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  5. "Zayd and Sam are from Oman."

"Zayd and Sam are from Oman."

Translation:زَيد وَسام مِن عُمان.

July 31, 2019



Oman is mispronounced in Arabic audio


How is it mispronounced?


FiX, is the pronunciation of "Oman" correct here? Should it be pronounced "Omen" with an "e" sound like in men, or should it be pronounced "Omahn" with the "a" sound like in father?


It depends on where the speaker is from. You hear anything from the è sound to the aa sound.


the way it is pronounced here is 3ommaan (the 'a' as in 'cat)

the correct way is 3umaan (do not stress the m, and the second stretched vowel is correct)


No problem with the question. I was just wondering if it is supposed to happen that it stops saying the words as I click them onto the answer line. No problem if it does, good for learning, in fact. I just wanted to make sure that's what's supposed to happen


More problematic part is the options. The letters are as it should to be. Beginning, middle and ending forms of the letters are not proper.


Why the"are"'s Arabic meaning isn't here?


The verb "to be" is not written in Arabic. It is "understoood".

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