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  5. बहुत या कई / bahut or kaii


बहुत या कई / bahut or kaii

नमस्कार मेरे दोस्त

I just wondered which word is more common for Indian people बहुत or कई ?. What sounds better बहुत लोग or कई लोग ? बहुत सेब or कई सेब ?

Is any difference between this two words when i would like use like word many/much/a lot?

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July 31, 2019



बहुत can be used with both uncountable or countable nouns whereas कई is only used with countable nouns. Also, कई is used as both 'many' and 'several' ('more than one' but not necessarily many) depending on the context.

I'd say बहुत सेब or कई सेब both sound good but I'd use बहुत सेब when I want to say that I have many apples and कई सेब when I want to say that many apples have worms.


Both of them are commonly used in India. Bahut is usually used for the translation of "very" but it's meaning as "many" is also correct. Kai translates directly to "many"

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