Adjective After Noun

From what i've learned so far "det lille huset" means "the small house" but, how about we want to say for example "that house is small" how can we say that? "det huset er lite" or "det huset er lille"? Thanks in advance

July 31, 2019


Try this link:

And yes, "huset er lite", as DanielAlla828604 said. You could use 'det huset er lite' if you were pointing out one particular house among others.

July 31, 2019

Huset er lite? I’m not sure whether or not “det” is needed here. But, “huset er lite” IS “the house is small.” D

July 31, 2019

Hey juristahabla, one thing to mention. When you have the adjective in predicative position, it’s in the indefinite form; it agrees with the noun in gender and plurality but not necessarily definiteness. For example:

  • Den lille/vesle mannen er liten.
  • Den lille/vesle boka er lita.
  • Det lille/vesle huset er lite.
  • De små husene er små.
July 31, 2019

thank you for the clear explanation

July 31, 2019

tusen takk, everybody

July 31, 2019
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