How to disable the encouragement owl in desktop duolingo?

Hi all,

I went on a business trip for two weeks, and didn't exercise, which I think triggered some change in the algorithm behavior. Now Duo seems to think that I'm always at risk of quitting, and it started showing me this smiling owl saying things like "Keep pushing", "You're doing great" etc. I know that many people like it, but for me somehow it made it a bit harder to study, as it breaks the concentration spell. Like, I expect a question in German, and get an owl in English.

Do you know, is there a way to disable it on a desktop? Is there some secret flip in the settings that I just could not find? Or will it go away on its own, once I maintain a streak long enough?

Thanks, and sorry for not liking an owl most of you guys seem to like. Again, I'm happy that it works for others, I just wish I personally could go back to the no-interrupting-owl mode. Thank you!

July 31, 2019


There is no way.

July 31, 2019

Totally agree it should be using the language you're learning. In fact, in general I'd like to see less and less English used the more advanced you get, even for stating what you need to do during the exercises. Apparently you can do trees "in reverse" (specify your native language as the one you want to learn, and your target language as the language to display the site in), but not sure how well it works if you don't already have a pretty good vocabulary, and especially tricky for languages using an alphabet you're not familiar with.

August 3, 2019
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