"Will you play?"

Translation:क्या तुम खेलोगे?

July 31, 2019



Would तुम क्या खेलोगे be acceptable? Trying to understand the mistake, does क्या at the beginning of a sentence merely indicate that the sentence that follows is a question, whereas if it is in the middle, it functions as "what"? By that logic, would तुम क्या खेलोगे mean "what will you play?"

July 31, 2019

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Right on the money.

क्या तुम खेलोगे = 'Will you play'. क्या at the beginning converts the statement 'तुम खेलोगे' - 'You will play' into a question.

तुम क्या खेलोगे = 'What will you play'. When क्या is placed before the verb, it functions as 'what'.

July 31, 2019
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