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  5. "Will you play?"

"Will you play?"

Translation:क्या तुम खेलोगे?

July 31, 2019



Would तुम क्या खेलोगे be acceptable? Trying to understand the mistake, does क्या at the beginning of a sentence merely indicate that the sentence that follows is a question, whereas if it is in the middle, it functions as "what"? By that logic, would तुम क्या खेलोगे mean "what will you play?"


Right on the money.

क्या तुम खेलोगे = 'Will you play'. क्या at the beginning converts the statement 'तुम खेलोगे' - 'You will play' into a question.

तुम क्या खेलोगे = 'What will you play'. When क्या is placed before the verb, it functions as 'what'.


Why is it 'keloge' and not 'kelenge'...? Does the informal 'tum' have different rules here in future as it does in present (the use of ho instead of hai)?


Yes. तुम has its own conjugation in the future tense.


I thought the suffix for तुम in the future tense was ओ. Are there spelling rules we could use?


The suffix for तुम in the future tense is ओगे.
ओ is the suffix for तुम in the imperative (used when making commands or requests).

Eg: जाओ खेलो। मुझे पता है कि तुम अच्छा खेलोगे। (Go play. I know you will play well).

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