حكايات كليلة و دمنة - The Tales of Kalila and Dimna 3# - The Thief and the Beam of Light

أللص و شعاع النور

في ليلة من الليالي تسلقت جماعة من اللصوص بيت رجل غني. فاستيقظ الرجل و أيقظ زوجته و قال لها: "هناك لصوص على سطح البيت و يريدون دخوله، فاسألني، بصوت يسمعونه، كيف حصلت على مالي الكثير و أصبحت غنيا، و إذا رفضت الإجابة، استمري في السؤال حتى أقول لك."

فعلت الزوجة ما طلب منها زوجها و سألته و اللصوص يسمعون. فقال الرجل: "أسكتي، انّ الله أعطانا هذا المال و يجب علينا أن نقنع بما أعطانا الله و لا نسأل أسئلة كثيرة." ثم سألته مرة ثانية: "و لكن كيف حصلت على ذالك المال؟" فردّ الزوج: "أخاف إذا قلت لك أن يسمعني الناس، و أنا لا أريد أن يعرف أحد سري." فقالت الزوجة: "و لكن من يسمع كلامنا في منتصف الليل، و الناس نائمون في بيوتهم؟" قال الرجل: "كنت لصاً و جمعت كل مالي بالسرقة." قالت الزوجة: "و كيف ذالك؟" فقال الزوج: "كنت أعرف سراً لا يعرفه أحد غيري، و ذلك السر مكنني من السرقة بسهولة دون أن يقبض علي أحد." قالت الزوجة: "و ما ذالك السر؟" قال الرجل: "كنت أذهب في الليالي المقمرة مع أصحابي و نتسلق بيوت الأغنياء و نبحث عن ألفتحة التي يدخل منها النور إلى البيت، و عندما نجدها، كنت أردد كلمة "شولم" سبع مرات دون أن يسمعني أحد، ثم أعانق النور و أنزل إلى البيت و لا يشعر أحد بنزولي، ثم أسرق كل ما أريد و أقول "شولم" سبع مرات و أعانق النور مرة ثانية و أصعد إلى السطح و أهرب مع أصحابي بسلام." ثم سكت الرجل و زوجته.

عندما سمع اللصوص ذالك قالوا: "سنسرق الليلة كل ما نريد من المال." ثم إنتظروا حتى ظنوا أن الرجل و زوجته نائمان، فذهب رئيسهم إلى فتحة النور و قال "شولم" سبع مرات ثم عانق النور و نزل إلى أرض البيت فوقع مقلوبا على رأسه فهجم عليه الرجل الغني و ضربه بعصاه، و قال له: "من أنت؟" فرد اللص: "أنا السارق المخدوع الذي صدق ما لا يمكن تصديقه."

[ليلة = Leyla = A night – Also an Arabic name]

[لصوص = Lus^oos^ = Thieves]

[سر = Sirr = A secret]

[مال = Maal = Money]

[نور = Noor = Light – Also an Arabic name]

The Thief and the Beam of Light

On a night of nights, a band of thieves climbed up the house of a rich man. The man awoke and woke up his wife and said to her: “There are thieves on the roof of the house and they want to get in to it, so ask me, with a voice they can hear, how I got a lot of money and became rich, and if I refuse to tell you, continue asking until I tell you.”

The wife did what her husband asked her to do, and asked him while the thieves listened. So the man said: “Be quiet, God gave us this money and we should be content with what God gave us and not ask a lot of questions.” Then she asked him again: “But how did you get that money?” and so the husband replied: “I fear that if I tell you, people will hear me, and I don’t want anyone to know my secret.” And so the wife replied: “But who will hear our talk in the middle of the night, and people are sleeping in their houses?” The man said: “I was a thief and I gathered all my money by stealing.” The wife said: “And how come?” So the husband replied: “I knew a secret that no-one else knew, and that secret enabled me to steal easily without anyone catching me.” So the wife said: “And what is that secret?” The man said: “I used to go in the moonlit nights with my friends and we used to climb the houses of the rich and we’d look for the opening in which the light enters the house, and when we found it, I used to repeat the word “Shalom” seven times without anyone hearing me, then I’d embrace the light and I’d go down into the house and no-one felt my presence, then I’d steal all I wanted then I’d say “Shalom” seven times and I’d embrace the light again, and I’d get back up on the roof and I’d run away with my friends unharmed.” Then the man and his wife quietened.

When the thieves heard that, they said: “Tonight we’re going to steal all the money we want.” Then they waited until they thought that the man and his wife were asleep, and their leader went to the light opening and said “Shalom” seven times then embraced the light and dropped down to the floor of the house and fell upside-down on his head and the rich man attacked him and smacked him with his cane, and said to him: “Who are you?” and so the thief replied: “I’m the tricked thief, that believed what couldn’t be believed.”

The END.

So what do you think was the moral of that story? I’d say the most obvious being “stealing is bad”, any others? :o

Well the first thing I thought when I was reading this was this saying [that my mum used to say to me when I copied my older sister]: “الأعمى يقود الأعمى” which in English is “the blind leads the blind” which in this case was the thieves were blindly following the man’s silly tale [or in my case, me blindly copying my sister who’s just as blind XD]… but anyways! Who cares about my thoughts, what do you think? :D

Also well done if you managed to read some of the Arabic! :)

  • Sorry I can’t fix the left/right problem [chucks computer at wall] :p Oooh better idea!

July 31, 2019


Thanks for sharing this! I have a question, is this the Ibn al-Muqaffa version or is it a simplified new one?

July 31, 2019

No this isn't Ibn al-Muqaffa version, it's a student of Arabic version retold by Munther A. Younes. It was made in 2001[this is the version I have as a hardcopy, I'm sure you'd find the original online] Thanks for asking :D

August 1, 2019

Anyone else having problems spelling "thieves"?

" 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' or when the sound is 'a' such as 'neighbour' or 'weigh' "

... 10secs later types "theif" for the billionth time XD

July 31, 2019

Yep, and English is my 1st language LOL

August 3, 2019

Doesn't every one have the left/right problem?

When I read the part about the thieves following the silly idea of the man, I was like 'SHEEEEEEEEEEP!' Don't be sheep kids or the wolf will attack you.

Do you or your family have this problem where you shop for too much and can't find a place to store it so you dump it the first place you see or is it just my family?

ps. I got the same problem. Theives or thieves? IDK

July 31, 2019

Yep my family does! XD We buy so many crap and then dump it in my mum's room and then she starts complaining about how she can open a store XDDD

July 31, 2019

My parents' room is too small for all that shopping. We dump it in either my room or my siblings's's''s'ss's's[don't know how apostrophes work] room. Right now they have about 6 bags full of clothes from a load of different places and a box. :o What's inside. Who knows.

July 31, 2019

Well my mum always gets the biggest room so she ends up with the load ;p

more than one sibling = siblings'

only one sibling = sibling's


August 1, 2019

Thanks Miss English Teacher XDDDDDDD

August 1, 2019

Hehehe No! I'd hang myself if I had to be an English teacher XD Unless if it was in primary cus English was SO EASY in Primary... the old days of comprehension questions Aahh I wish I could have them back!

August 1, 2019

NoOOoOoOoOooOOooo. Not comprehension. I hated those soooooooooo much.

August 1, 2019

:O Are you crazy? Comprehension was SO easy! That's why everyone passed SATs. GCSE English is torture that's why as soon as I leave secondary I'm never gonna pick English EVER :D

August 1, 2019

if I may: many people make the mistake of writing "but" in Arabic. it is لكن and not لاكن otherwise, it is a nice story :=)

July 31, 2019

My bad! Thanks for noticing :) Corrected.

August 1, 2019


August 1, 2019

I'm glad you liked it :D

August 1, 2019
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