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"Professor Rania's room is in the university."

Translation:غُرْفة اَلْأُسْتاذة رانْيا في الْجامِعة.

July 31, 2019


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غرفة الأستاذة رانيا في الجامعة


الاستاذ قد تستعمل للمذكر و المؤنث


تاء مربوطة للمؤنث، الأستاذ مذكر، الأستاذة مؤنث


غُرْفَةُ الأُسْتَاذَةِ رَنِيَا فِي الجَمِيْعَةِ

نهايات كاملة. صحح لي إن كنت مخطئ. شكرا لكم.


غرفةُ الأستاذةِ رانيا في الجامعة

The ة in the last word should not be pronounced with any harak instead it should be pronounced like "a" -->(fii-ljamiaa)


Yes, Kara5712800, thanks so much for your additional explanation. :) I know that. But, I want to practice all endings (like as all Harakaat are put in Qur'anic verses) even though "-ti" in "2al-jaami3a(ti)" is omitted, and becomes ه h sukun sound, "2al-jaami3a". (Here it is "-ti" because of Harf fii, ie. it is a genitive case). Hence, my understanding will be maintained. However, in the formal way, it is not a mistake if all endings (including the ending sound at the end of a sentence) are pronounced.


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