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  5. "فِلَسْطين مَكان مَشْهور."

"فِلَسْطين مَكان مَشْهور."

Translation:Palestine is a famous place.

July 31, 2019



احب فلسطين


فلسطين بلد مشهور


Because Israel has invaded it and is ethnically cleansing it day by day.


I wish you came here to visit the Middle East...

Practice your Arabic and Hebrew on Duolingo before, so you can a real sense of what is really going on...


Allah is just. Be strong.


Yuvalingo: better English: I wish you'd come here. (not "I wish you came here")


More palestinians died in syria in the last 10 years than in israel in the last 50 years. More palestinians died in jordan in spetember 1979 than in the last 15 years in israel.

If you'd really care about palestinian lives, you'd know that.


You got wrong historical education. I recommend you to learn deeper and to get some more points of view


Do not say stuff you have zero knowledge about. Open a history book


Maybe you should say "stuff" instead of "staff"


Does anyone here know the grammer rules when it comes to placement of person, place or thing in a sentence? I know that so far I noticed that it's alot different than English, but very similar to the Spanish where the sentence is very basic in terms of simplicity. Question: Why is it written like "Palestine is a place famous, instead of Palestine is a famous place??


nouns are always before adjectives and the general sentence structure is VSO unless the sentence has a pronoun then it is SVO. that is the most basic thing i can say


It is the same structure, except Arabic is written from right to left. A famous place is a place that is famous, right? So, place is بلد and famous is مشهور, and that is why you get بلد مشهور.


I don't think it's anything to do with the direction the script is written in.


Bruh but then for that the sentence formation would have to depend on which words come left to right without the language's direction of writing to be taken in account for, which is not how you state the sentence formation structure.


interesting pronunciation of Palestine. i didn't realize it was actually Philistine


Did you notice that you can't even write properly phalestine in arabic? This name was given to the region by the british during the colonization.

It is mentioned in the bible as "paleshet", and the nation called "plishtim" were all killed by the byblical samson


1) There are Aramaic speaking Palestinians like my family and there is a "P" in Aramaic

2) This happens all the time in language, the English pronounce it with an f for Philistines, a j for Jerusalem though there's no j in Hebrew

3) along with the Philistines, there's also the Syrio-Hittite Palistin/Palastin

4) the bible says a lot of things like that the Hebrews came from Mesopotamia, that Abraham supposedly met the Philistines way before the sea people's invasion, that Canaan is the land of the Philistines and that tribes of Philistines eventually even merged into the tribes of Judah.

5) modern genetics studies prove that modern day Palestinians are native to the land


Thanks! That's an amazing comment! But let me add a bit:

Jerusalem is actually called yerushalaim, and english language have a tendency to replace hebrew "y" with "j" - yonatan become johnathan etc. So - Jerusalem is not really called Jerusalem.

As for Aramaic people that live here in Israel, they actually had a long legal struggle with the government to change remove the word "arabic" from their israeli id cards.

I don't know too much about it really, however some Christians here do not like to be called arabs while muslims are very proud arabs.

As for "genetic research"? Search google and find a research that matches any opinion, as simple as that.


BjBurns1, it's FilasTiin.

فِ - لَ - سْ - طِ - يْ - نُ



For the Zionists in this course, regardless of whether you believe Palestine or Israel was here first, today just stop killing Palestinians and demolishing their homes!


You're asking to stop killing terrorists. Terrorists.

Nobody is killing innocent people.


The term terrorist became nowadays a term what was "witch" not so long ago.

Calling people terrorists in politics has become like the necessity to be able to murder those people. You're not here for politics now, are you?


Duo! Again some advice, think carefully about the exercises you put in here. Avoid topics of Sex, Religion, Politics, Money. Up to these comments we were all here to learn Arabic. We are from countries all over the world with varying backgrounds and we have been happily helping each other improve our language skills (which is amazing really!) and not caring about our differences but focusing on the thing that unite us...learning Arabic. It's so sad to have this post here.


Duo does not care your opinions, it's teaching you language, and language consists of words. So to teach these words it's gonna have to bring em up and if you don't like that word's existence then it's better you don't learn the language at all. Duo has brought up gay and trans sentences alot in Arabic courses amd there was very little fighting unlike the ones here.


فلسطين واسرايل في الشارك الاوسد


Palestine has now became a place, huh



Yes! I want to always see this!


Every comment with a positive score is a pro-Palestine and anti-Israel comment and Vise verse. But all this will not help you guys - You can up-score every comment and glorify so-called invented Palestine, and still - Israel is here to exists forever, and Palestine is a fiction! Gay murderers, Women suppressers, terrorists, and corrupt officials.


No such place as palestine. PalestinA was the name of the region prior to Israel establishment. Now, all the region should be part of Israel. It's Israel since bible time. There was never a Palestinians people. Ever. It's a fiction, started in 1967. Prior to this year they were just Arabs. Don't believe everything you read. Go study some history.


Talk as much as you like. Israel is here to stay. Palestine is a lie with no history that will perish


There is no such thing as Palestine. There is Israel and I hope you change accordingly. Palestine is famous only for the terrorists who come out of it and murder Jewish people.


Take your racism somewhere else.


This is not racism. I'm not saying that all Palestinians are murderers, but they are * famous * because of the murderers. If you lived in Israel you would understand.


again, take your racist crap elsewhere


There is no such thing as spoiled apartheid israel. israel is famous only for the IDF terrorist who come out from europe and murder innocent palestinian women and children.


Im a proud IDF soldier. And i bet you are using so much technologies that were invented in Israel


Well said tMTB


no such thing as Israel*


What? I think that Israel and Palestine BOTH are real!


So famous I can't even find it on a map.


You have a spelling mistake you mean Israel


Israel. Not Palestine. Israel is a famous, good and democratic country.


Not true. Not famous at all


Palestine is a faketion! We love Israel !!❤❤❤


There's no such country. Never was. Never will be.

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