Pronouns and verbs placement in norwegian

I've been learning norwegian for a little more than a month and so far things are going well! So I started to watch more stuff in norwegian with norwegian subtitles.

I've noticed that sometimes the pronoun and the verb will switch place. It makes sense as : ''Jeg har en katt'' does not mean the same thing as : ''Har jeg en katt'', and I get that. In one of the video I watched, the person says : - ''Sitter her i sola, eller jeg kan ligge her i sola. Også har jeg ikke på jakke en gang.''

In the last part, why is it ''har jeg ikke'' instead of ''jeg har ikke''? Doesn't it make a question when you put the verb first and then the pronoun?

I tried looking on google but I can't seem to find the answer and every translation I make of this gives me something along the lines of ''And I don't even have a jacket''. Hopefully someone can help me as I'm a little lost :D

July 31, 2019


One of the major differences between English and its Germanic relatives (like Norwegian) is that most German languages are what are called "V2" languages. The "V" there stands for "verb" and it represents the fact that in these languages the verb really really really wants to be in the second position in the sentence.

Now, this does not literally mean being the second word but rather the second functional unit.

Let's look at English:

"I went to the movies today"
"Today I went to the movies"

In English we keep the subject/verb word order pretty static. But in Norwegian, the verb really really really wants to take the second position.

"Jeg gikk på kino i dag"
"I dag gikk jeg på kino"

"Gikk" is not literally the second word in that second sentence, but it is the second functional unit.

"I dag" is operating in my sentences the way that "også" does in your example. But note this applies not only to cases where you are moving an adverb around but also to cases where you are moving entire (dependent) clauses.

"I went to the movies because I was bored"
"Because I was bored, I went to the movies"

"Jeg gikk på kino fordi jeg kjedet meg."
"Fordi jeg kjedet meg gikk jeg på kino."

Hope that helps!

August 1, 2019

Oh wow I get it now. Thank you very much that was very helpful! Cheers

August 1, 2019
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