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"I am standing next to the stupid person."

Translation:ghot QIp retlhDaq jIQamtaH.

July 31, 2019



I find that I do these exercises not by looking at the phrase to be translated, translating, and finding that answer in the choices, but by simply scanning the choices for the only one that isn't gibberish. When poor capitalization makes them all nonsense, THEN I have to go back and see what I'm trying to write.

I understand why Duolingo forces capitalization, but I wish they could just turn it off for our course.


Are your answer choices multiple choice? If so, I believe multiple choice goes away after the second crown. I haven't gotten a multiple choice question at all in any skills where I am doing the third crown. So if students can just hang in there until they have done the tree more than twice, they won't see multiple choice anymore it seems. I guess that is what Duo means by "now you will get more difficult content."

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