How do you say you own something when it's plural?

How do you say you own something when it's plural? Like "my toys" ? I know that "koʻu mea pāʻani" is "my toy" and "nā mea pāʻani" is "the toys" , but how would you combine the two? Duolingo never taught me that. Or does it teach you that later on? I'm on level 4 in Food 1 right now, and next after Food 1 is Numbers (to clarify where I am on the skill tree).

July 31, 2019


Aloha e dokks_2 ~~. Iʻm not sure if it is anywhere in the current lessons at the moment. The particle youʻre looking for is "mau." I will give you some examples on how it is used, especially with possessive statements, like in "my toys."

ka mea pāʻani - The toy

nā mea pāʻani - The toys

he mea pāʻani - a toy

he mau mea pāʻani - (a) toys

So for your example of "my toys," you would add "mau." But sorry to say, there is a mistake in your possessive sentence for "my toy." You will learn about O-possessive and A-possessives soon, but to summarize quickly:

  • O-possessives are inalienable and are things you are born with or can get inside of or on top of (house, car, boat, parents, siblings, your name...)

  • A-possessives are things one acquires in life (toys, money, gifts, children...)

The o-possessive form for "my" is "koʻu." the a-possessive form is "kaʻu."

Knowing this now, you would say "kaʻu mau mea pāʻani" when saying "my toys."

I hope this helps! please let me know if you have more questions, but you will get to o/a possessives soon, although Dueling doesnʻt "explain" as much as just flood you with case by case examples hoping you see a pattern haha.

August 1, 2019

Thanks very much for the clarification and the feedback! I really appreciate it! :D

August 2, 2019

That is taught in the new lessons that are available to about 1/2 of the students. A Skill called "Habits".

August 3, 2019

I had heard talk of another update to the Hawaiian skill tree, but nobody specified what was in it so I figured I already had it. Thanks for letting me know!

August 14, 2019
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