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What the heck is it called bro

My first language is English, I'm learning this language because I love the Hawaiian culture, however, my mother calls the language 'Polynesian' rather than 'Hawaiian' which i guess makes sense, because you wouldn't call the 'Spanish' language the 'Mexican' language. However, I always thought it was called Hawaiian because the accent and lingo is different from the rest of Polynesia. If you know what it's correct name is, please let me know! Sorry if theres any grammical or spelling errors, my Grammarly doesn't work on Duolingo for some reason ;-;

July 31, 2019



i'm not like an expert but i don't think all of polynesia speaks the same language/hawaiian. it's different for spanish bc mexico and spain both speak spanish, so you'd call their languages spanish... since they both are spanish, just varying dialects of it. but i don't think it's incorrect to call the hawaiian language, the hawaiian language, since it is the hawaiian language and is only a subset of polynesian languages in general.

i hope that makes since. i confused myself.


Hawaiian is the name of the language. It is a member of the larger Polynesian language family, which consists of several languages spoken across the Pacific Ocean including Māori, Tongan, and Tahitian.


No no no no no oh no man, you need to get your mom to stop doing that. Going to get in some real trouble eventually, like might get hurt. For real. Hawaiian is Hawaiian. A language of Polynesia. Not the only one. And yes it is called "Hawaiian," not nothing else. Your comparison to Spanish doesn't make sense, sorry.

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