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  5. "جاري سام وَجاري إِبْراهيم"

"جاري سام وَجاري إِبْراهيم"

Translation:my neighbor Sam and my neighbor Ibrahim

July 31, 2019



This one was quite easy. But why the ii after Sam as well as after jaar? My neighbour my Sam??? Or is that a fault of the voice?


Oh! It must ahve been a mistake, because the wrong -ii is no longer there in the audio. But you "wondered too" an hour ago, according to DuoLinto's timing (I wish they'd put a date, instead of eg "3 months ago", "an hour ago"...), Netanel_Hol. Does that mean it was still there up to an hour ago?!


Three months later "Samii" is still there. :))

And, the answer for your question above: it is absolutely a fault of the voice. Grammatically, it doesn't make sense.


Sometimes Abraham is accepted for Ibrahim and sometimes not. Consistency is a must in learning a new language.


How would you say "my neighbor is Sam and my neighbor is Ibrahim" then?


Wouldn't you interposeهو between my neighbour and Sam etc?

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